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Constant Anxiety

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Anyone all of a sudden develop constant anxiety? Not even sure if this is anxiety. My body starts shaking whenever I flex a muscle then that body parts starts to shake. I stand up and walk and feel dizzy like I am going to fall over. I wake up several times each night in a cold sweat with my heart racing (every night). I stand up and my heart races. I feel constantly shaking with a painful electrical feeling going down my arms. I am in constant agony. I have had anxiety all my life but this feels entirely different. That painful electrical feeling is the worse. It is like being tortured electrically. Been to so many doctors and as soon as they see I believe I am on klonopin they assume this is all anxiety symptoms. How does one survive living with constant pain and agony. I am not talking the type of feeling one gets if one is afraid of flying or afraid of elevators. I am talking a tormenting I want to jump off a bridge to end the pain feeling. Does this sound like anxiety?

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Hi bvn & Welcome

I have read your post & can see why you must be feeling frustrated

I have suffered with anxiety on & off for quite a few years & I have found one of the worse things is when I go to see a doctor they do seem & like to put everything down to anxiety , it feels like that is the easiest way to get you in & out without having to investigate further & where as anxiety can give you the symptoms you described sometimes it there can be underlying issues to

I would personally go back to your GP & if you do not find them helpful then see another GP in your surgery & I know we can struggle speaking out but insist that even though you know you are an anxiety sufferer this is not acceptable that you feel you are been fobbed of & want further tests to find out if you have any other health problems

Stand your ground as this is your right & keep coming on & talking members will try & support you :-)




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Thank You WhyWhy for the support. Much appreciated. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would end up feeling this way. Always thought anxiety was uncomfortable with peaks and valleys as in a panic attack. Not this constant every day horror it has become. Even the shrink I see thinks I have an underlying health problem that they are missing but he has me on Klonopin and Paxil to cover me until that is resolved. Not sure if this is a wise avenue to take with the psychiatric meds but at this point I am kind of desperate for relief of any kind so that I can somewhat function. Right now just want to curl up into a ball on the couch under blankets and never get up. Last year was so much better. Life pretty much sux at the moment.

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I understand , I am not very well at the moment with an on going health problem & even though I know anxiety can make everything worse & can make you physically ill & give you symptoms of feeling ill with this one I do have a niggling doubt that it is not all about my anxiety but an underlying problem that maybe could be easily solved if they would only get to the bottom of it

I am going too try & see my GP & be a bit more assertive this week & take my own advise :-)

Maybe for now try & I know it isn't easy but take each day as it comes , get that relief from the meds that are helping & you might feel in a better place to deal with the rest

Could your psychiatrist maybe write to your doctor & ask for some health checks to be arranged for you if they agree ?

Keep coming on & chatting we may not have all the answers but knowing you are not alone really does help :-)


I am sorry you are not feeling well and know exactly what you mean. It is frustrating to have doubt about it being something that they are missing. I intend to keep exploring this medically myself until I am satisfied it is just mental. I hope you feel better, let me know what happens with your GP. Seems we are in the same boat with the inkling of doubt.

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Yes & when you have doubt it creates more anxiety & then more anxiety makes you run down so your physical problems seem worse & it can feel like a vicious circle that we can't find the path to get of , but don't give up hope because that hope keeps us going & I do believe we will get there , little steps but with each one we take things will get better :-)

I will let you know how I get on & if I managed to be more assertive :-)

Be kind to yourself :-)



Just back again

But wanted to just say when you feel up to it & have a minute there are quite a few pinned posts to the right side of the page

A few of these contain how the site works , keeping posts closed to the community etc

Just as I saw your post was open I thought you may have a little read of them & then of course it is your choice but I do like to think especially newcomers are aware how it works on the community :-)

Take Care


Heya . I get those symptoms almost daily and every night. I have generalised anxiety disorder. It has just randomly occured no idea y. I really understand your frustration... but it does ease off and improve if you try to think logically. I find meditation helps and reading . Everyones different. But dont embaressed to keep going back to your dr, god knows I have lol. Things will grt better in time. Xx


Sorry to hear you are suffering, think it would definitely be worth going back to see your gp or if they don't help then a different gp. Write down a list of all your symptoms before you go too

Let us know how you get on

Jules x

hello bvn

Welcome to the site, I wanted you to know I have read your post and cant really add more than what the other have said.

keep chatting in here.

gardener x


Sorry for late reply :(

I can see why these symptoms would really get to you,

And I know how annoying doctors are when they put everythin down to anxiety!

Personally I'd go back and tell them you want it looked into futher and not sent back out told its anxiety!

Hope things get better for you x

yes some have it worst than other I have pain every day I use to just get at night but now its n the day I try keep busy in the daytime the meds u take I take too so it work pretty good the thing is mines is only for night iam c if I can take one n the morning I no it drain u but hang on n there it will get better

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