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Sertraline (Zoloft/Lustral) or Prozac (Fluoexetine)?

Hi guys,

I've been given both sertraline (Zoloft) and Prozac (fluoxetine) for my bad panic attacks and anxiety as its got so bad recently. I've tried citalopram and that helped but I was just so tired all the time. The doctor said I can choose which one too take, but being emetophobic, im terrified to take either SSRI as I absolutely dread feeling sick.

Just wondered if anyone has had any experiences on either of the two and whether it made them feel sick initially?! Not sure which to go for, because Prozac apparently isn't as helpful for anxiety, but very helpful for depression but on the other hand sertraline is very good for anxiety but nausea is the most common side effect! :( I know its temporary and it will wear off but I know it'll make my anxiety go through the roof if I feel sick, as well as heightened anxiety being another side effect!

Bit stuck here,

Any opinions or experiences would be much appreciated :)

Lan xx

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Hi Lan

Welcome :-)

Could I just ask you if you have read the pinned post to the right about keeping posts private & how it all works

I know it is the last thing when joining a site we tend to do but when you have a minute have a look then you can make your own mind up if you would like to keep them for this community only or leave them open :-)

I have not taken these meds & I hope members as they log on as it is late UK time now that have will give you a better answer than I can give on this one but I can understand your fear & how when we are anxious no matter what we are anxious over how it feels inside

I know all these meds can come with side effects but not everyone gets them

I have read so many times that members had none at all & I know when we have anxiety we always can think the worse but you could be one that takes them & feels no side effects & if you did they do pass quickly

If it were me I would decide which one to take & from reading your post I think you may be feeling the sertraline may be the best one for you & what I do as I have a med fear is tell myself that I am in control & will take one just for today & if I cannot deal with it I wont take one tomorrow

That way it helps me feel in control which we are as with meds it is are choice but to think this way really helps me

You are always welcome to come on as much as you like everyday if you need to & we will be around to listen & try & support

Take Care





Hello, I've experience with fluoxetine. I had really bad anxiety where I was having three or more panic attacks a day. The doctor put me on these and after they kicked in I gradually got better. Like many of these medications they can take 2-4 wks to kick in. The doctor told me if I needed to I cud take diazepam with them. Once they did kick in I didn't need diazepam. I still had the odd panic attack but they was never as bad as they was before taking them. I know different medication works for different people. They worked wouders for me, yet there may be another


Person that they don't agree with. They are for anxiety as well as depression, my doctor told me that wen I said there just for depression and I've mostly anxiety xxx


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