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Love this page :) missing my virtual friends, anxiety + intrusive harm thoughts on again!!!!

Hi my beautiful courageous people

I'm having of OCD attack, intrusive thoughts harm OCD, and anxiety. Like chalk and cheese these things attack you together.

I'm always here guys, sometimes I'm embarrassed to be always complaining blah


I realize I can totally be honest to you :(

Hope one day everything is gonna be better for all of us :)

Love and kisses


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HI Elle x Oh I can fully agree with you that anxiety and ocd are one and part of each other as if we didn't obsess so much maybe we would not be anxious about these things :) Still if we can learn to let things slide and not be so obsessed they may give way enough for the anxiety to give us a break x

Hey don't say your complaining, its never a complaint its just clearing the bad stuff from your mind x Yes its a great place to come, and one of the only places I find I can really be me anxiety and all, because people understand x

I look forward to anxiety free days for all xx Donver


Hi Elle :-)

So nice to see you saying hello but wish you were not having a flare up of OCD with these thoughts

Try & remember it is the anxiety & they are thoughts that are not nice but tell them you are not listening to them !

Please don't be embarrassed you are not always complaining & the site is here to share how you are feeling knowing that others will understand :-)

Take Care





Hello donver and whywhy.

How you today?

Thank you for always being there for me.

I wanna hug and kiss you all

It's nice to know you have a place to go when your evil anxiety kicks in.

It's warm and comforting :)


Hi Elle :-)

I have had a few things to deal with but taking one at a time :-)

Thank you for asking how I am :-)

You always have here to come & talk & I am really pleased even if in a small way it is helping you :-)



Hey girl your not complaining,

Don't really know much about OCD ,apart from what the ironing queen ,why why has told me!

From what I have gathered though it sounds very debilitating , stick in there kid you know where to look for help when your down .

pete xx.


Hi Pete :)

Thank you for encouragement. I would need it. Love you all and I will be here all the time reading and writing to you all :)





I'm really sorry you are suffering with this.

I suffer with intrusive obsessive worries and they can be very distressing, so I understand how you must feel.

Don't worry everyone understands here and you can post away and nobody will judge you.



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