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how do you cope with stress and anger ??

how do I stop these feelings of anger and irritation ? feel like ive got a raging fire in my stomach all the time feel like fighting with everyone and I hate the way its turnin me into someone im not ... get irritated by the slightest thing which puts me on 1 for whole day been docs and they've put me on some anti-depressants but there not workin I still feel the same I feel like there not even bothered and im screamin out for help ?? xx

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I am not sure, have you tried the gym, punch bag, something that will really use up loads of energy, with me, the only thing that helps is a long very fast drive through remote lanes, by the end of it my car is knackered and im smiling, but I wouldn't recommend this, well yes I would but in a very very remote area.

I would go back to your Dr and keep going back, Dr's these days it seems just give out pills willy nilly, as long as they get paid hey, or change ur doc, woteva u feel comfy with as its you that's suffering here.

Good luck anyway.



I can tell you why you are feeling that way........your past, if I am not wrong you have some serious trust issues because of what has happened to you. Some deep emotional problems that you are angry about and the person or persons who have either caused you some pain and hurt and now you can't tell them how you feel and you now feel angry with yourself but have all this tight frustration knot inside. Am I correct if so, I can tell you how to start self healing. If you are interested let me know hun. x


I know that anger gets uncontrollable when you bottle it up. And like what cuddles64 says, something from your past. Maybe something you've had inside for a long time.

I kind of think of anger a bit like a physical thing, like blowing a balloon up, every time someone hurts you or angers you, more air goes into the balloon, and if you don't let it out you'll explode uncontrollably. It's got to come out.

Perhaps you have trouble telling people you're angry about things.

I struggle myself with anger, and haven't found the best way to realise it yet. I tried the old 'punch a pillow' idea the other day, but still ended up hurting my wrist. I'm not sure if I drove a car when I was angry I might crash (that and the fact I can't drive) Sometimes exercise helps me, at least with the irritability.

It's a long slow process with anti depressants. They take time to take effect, and can make you feel worse for the first week or so, and some won't do any thing for you. If they're not working though, I think you should go back to your GP, maybe try something else or maybe you could try a different GP (some aren't always helpful and it's a matter of finding the right one) Some charities are helpful with finding an understanding GP at your practice. My local 'Mind' helped me find the right GP at my practice.

Good luck :)


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