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Can’t place why I feel afraid... what brings you strength? What keeps you believing in yourself and believing things will be okay?


I feel lost and alone and weak. I can’t place where the fear stems from.

I don’t want to give up on hope of healing.

I want to be the best I can be for my kids. I feel not good enough. I need to be stronger than this.

What makes you strong?

Im trying to be positive and pray and to be grateful for the beauty that there was is and is to come.

Please what keeps you believing in miracles?

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I feel afraid too. The isolation, the riots, are all pretty bad. I am alone now in New York .

My sister and brother in law are upstate. I had to come back for work. But I’m not working yet. I pray to God not to be depressed. I will pray for you, it’s a source of consolation.

Starrlight in reply to Ddorne

❤️ Thank you for being here. I will pray for you too.

Hi Star.

I am still afraid someone in my family will get covid.

This rioting is scary. We live 20 miles out from the city but I heard they are threatening to come out to the “burbs” as they called it.

Sometimes I am in a State iPod anxiety if things are not working out in some way for one of my kids.

I just try to keep busy most of the time.

Did last week help ? How is your new med working out?


Starrlight in reply to Poodie

(((((((((((Hug))))))))))) I hear you. So we’ll be afraid together then.

I thought it was really helping at first but maybe not much after all.

Poodie in reply to Starrlight

I ‘ve airways taken Buspar with my meds for dep. I think it helps some.

Starrlight in reply to Poodie

Yes I take buspar too and it’s helpful

Hi Star,

Sorry you're having doubts & fears... i'm sorry you feel scared.

Many are perplexed because of the plethora of serious events happening.

I've been a Bible student for more than 50 years & am not surprised at all.

Of course I'm concerned about Covid-19 because i dearly love my family.

But your question about believing in miracles is easy.

It's because the Source of miracles has forwarned & prepared us. Indeed.

For example, even now, my family & friends worldwide have a "go bag"ready for disasters. And even if we lose our life, we're confident of a resurrection.

That in itself comforts and soothes the grief & fear of death.

This generation enjoys unprecedented technological, scientific and financial resources . And yet, this is perhaps the first generation to take the world to the brink of a political, economic, and environmental systems breakdown.

Most people count on humans to solve these problems but also see the failures. Only the Source of miracles can... and He will.

Basically, trust is based on knowledge of GOD and His purpose.

Experience has shown that He instructs & directs His people.

In spite of all the bad news, "the Good News" at Matt 24:14, continues to

give encouragement & hope.

Like most people around the world, you've likely heard it many times.

Believing is what helps us endure.



SSekouB in reply to newbie1956

I recognize that hope, Sister, and share it. It is indeed a comfort. We have a beautiful point in this week’s congregation bible study. I appreciate it so much, because it reminds us that Jesus had confidence in the Source of true comfort because he knew prophecy. He knew the promises that were made and he was certain they would all come about. Likewise, we are confident that all of the problems facing mankind will soon be done away with by the only Power capable of bringing lasting, permanent change, because we know prophecy and we are certain it will be fulfilled.

Yes, believing. Thank you so

Big hugs Starrlight. I think we need to remember to be extra gentle with ourselves... especially now with everything that is going on. It is perfectly understandable to feel the way you... I feel that way too. Finding the shiny spots in the day help... I'm sure your little ones do that a lot. A hug from them ( or another love one or even your pup) works wonders.

This weekend we got a storm that came through... I was in our bedroom watching, when I heard the rain. I was compelled to go to our back yard to enjoy it.I stood on our porch, listening to the sound, watching it come down... I looked & saw a hummingbird. She was sitting there on a branch, totally in the rain.The whole thing really spoke to me. I love hummingbirds... I often see this one in our yard, normally when I need a smile... Seeing this small bird in the midst of a the downpour, not letting it get to her... she knew it would pass. Our pain too will pass.

Starrlight in reply to melbrown

I so love that the hummingbird was in the downpour and that it appears when you need an uplift.

I will try to be patient with myself. I’m sorry you feel similar.

Poodie in reply to melbrown

That’s beautiful. Thank you for telling that.

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