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Thank You, 50!

Wow! In just a couple weeks we have reached 50 new community members. Thank you ...


Hello, my name is Itxel. I hope that together, as a community, we can work toget...

How to be healthier

I know, we´re so used to fast food, artificial flavorings and mostly, tag produc...
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Trying to get healthy in the midst of COVID-19.

What is the last thing that made you happy?

I look forward for your answers! I must say, for me, the answer is easy...To fi...

Focus on yourself

You must love you the most, and care for yourself, because if you don´t...who wi...


I have been getting back to daily walks, they do help me with mental focus.

Diabetes diagnosis

When you were diagnosed with Diabetes, what were some of the biggest challenges ...

Health goals vs COVID-19

What are some health goals you have prioritized during this Pandemic? Personally...

One-on-One Health Coaching (Living Healthier Program)

Did you know that It's Time Texas offers free, personalized, and over-the-phone ...

A Warm Welcome & Hub Guidelines

Hi there! Welcome to the It's Time Texas (ITT) hub. If you're here it's because ...

Love this community

It is great to be a part of this community.

Introduce Yourself!

Why not leave a short comment below and introduce yourselves. Give as much or as...

Welcome to HealthUnlocked

We are the world’s largest online support network, connecting you to others wi...
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