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What do you do??

RichartHealth Coach

Covid numbers are going up, and this is only the first wave, Artic temperature reached it's highest ever 100 degrees, civil unrest... not sure if school is in or out this coming fall...

Breathing in, breathing out, breathing in 1-2-3-4, breathing out 1-2-3-4....

We are going through a VERY stressful year. What do you do when things feel too overwhelming?

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I think knowing that other people are feeling similarly overwhelmed has helped me (which is why I appreciate your post!). It helps me to reach out and be able to listen to other people's highs and lows, and be able to share my own recent experiences.

I've found that getting outside of the 'bubble' that is my house (which involves most of my current hobbies, interactions, recipes, etc.), helps me gain a lot of perspective and allows me to appreciate the good things happening in my life. That has involved going on walks, long drives, calling friends, watching traveling documentaries, and so on.

Hope everyone is doing okay. And it's okay if you're not - know that there are others feeling the same. Stay safe

RichartHealth Coach
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I love this! what travel documentaries can you recommend?

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