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How to be healthier

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I know, we´re so used to fast food, artificial flavorings and mostly, tag products are incomprehensible! Just follow these fours steps if you want to really care about what you put on your body (Hippocrates said already that, "let food be your medicine", and not the other way):

*Care for the Portugal flag. Because in it, there´s red and in your dish! Go buy fresh, natural groceries and make them the half of your dish!

*Eat consciously. Taste food. Think food. Feel the food. That would make your bites get slower. Yes, I know it´s difficult, but hey, why not try?

*Do something physical. Just walk 10-15 minutes after each food, around the hood, around the house. That´ll pump your digestion!

*Drink water. I know it´s difficult to change habits, but believe me, if you get a big bottle of water always with you, and you have it handy, you´ll just drink water all day long!

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A great way to eat consciously is to not watch tv or use your phone while eating. However, the opposite is great for getting in more calories if underweight or switching to a new diet.

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LauraBAbellanAmbassador in reply to HydrateAlways

That´s so much true! When I lived at my mom´s home, she always wanted to talk instead of watch something :)

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