Food Intolerance Study

Has anyone been involved in the Food Intolerance Stuidy? I am very interested in taking part in this but as I believe it is carried out at Cambridge (and I live in the north of England) it would be an expensive experiment!! Does anyone know of any foods that might cause ITP?

I feel I must be intolerant to something, as occasionally my stomach swells and I feel 9 months pregnant!

Thank you


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  • Hi Mags4743. My husband and I each took a day off work to attend the study only to find I could not participate and I was really not best pleased. They do not say that you can only particpate if your blood count is stable. My count was not stable so we drove all the way over there and had to come all the way back! NickyD

  • Thanks so much for that info Nicky. Why oh why did they not tell you that before you went???

    My count isn't stable so it would be pointless me going.

    Useful information - thanks again.


  • I'd ask them if I were you as they also do a test for coeliac which would be very useful for you. My counts aren't all that stable but I still did the test.

  • Hi Mags. Your bloating could be due to loads of things, but if you have one auto-immune disease (eg ITP), your chances of having/developing others is greater. And one of those others is coeliac disease, where gluten (in wheat, rye and barley - which are in more processed foods than you's expect) does major damage to your intestines every time you eat it. Maybe keep a food diary. You might find something else (or at least just have something to help an expert work it out), but keep an eye out for whether bloating comes after eating extra gluten. Best of luck. And fennel tea.

  • I went to Cambridge for the study too. They didn't ask me if my count was stable and anyway what does that mean? Mine goes up and down quite a lot but I still took part. My results were negative, no sensitivities found. Last I heard they hadn't found anyone with any sensitivities so the experiment is not progressing too well.

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