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Does anyone else see that their platelets drop every time they are fighting a virus or cold? My platelets dropping seem to be directly related to that. I was in remission for 2 years after I had my son, but a few months ago I was diagnosed with having the HPV16 virus which I never had before. Since then all my other ailments have been happening which include severe back pain that feels like kidney/liver pain, severe shoulder pain, joint pain and muscle fatigue along with chronic exhaustion. It just seems to be getting worse and worse since November. I have gone to every specialist, ran through so many scans and tests and everything else keeps checking back as normal but I feel far from normal. It's a struggle to get out of bed every morning. They think I'm depressed now. I have battled depression through my life, I know the signs to look for, this doesn't feel like that. I feel sick period. Even my memory is fading, I get headaches now, my eyes are bloodshot too with some blurred vision. Since modern medicine has no answers for me, I feel like I have to go to the next level, I refuse to let this get the best of me. I've had ITP for 7 years but this is the worst I have ever felt and so recent and quickly deteriorating. I would like to know if anyone has had any positive experiences with Homeopathy and Ayurvedic Meds because I would like to try it. Thank you in advance!

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Hi, I really feel for you. I too have itp and my count fluctuates between 35 and 60 ish . I have felt so bad that I've had to cut my hours from full time to part time which I can ill afford to do. I have been getting joint pains particularly in both knees so doctor is testing me for auto immune disorder which attacks joints. I'm assuming you have been tested for this. If not then ask the doctor about it as there are treatments for this. I wish you luck and best wishes. Xx

Hi, my platelets would drop every time I had a cold or virus. My consultant would know that once I got better the count would increase. Joint pain and fatigue are not uncommon. I too would find it hard to get out of bed and sometimes did not succeed. I am on mycophenolate that has leveled out my count so I dont get the bad symptoms any more. I still am careful not to do too much and rest more than I used to before having ITP. Take care and you are not alone. NickyD

Hi Bebtaz

Yes my platelet count drops when I have a virus. When my count really crashes and it goes below 10 it is always after I've had a cold or something similar. I've read some of your earlier posts and am sorry that you are having such a rough time of it. You mentioned that you have been on the dreaded steroids!! I am lucky in that steroids are really good at raising my count but I have loads of side effects from them. I have aching bones and joints, feel shaky, cant control my temperature so feel hot and cold and feel tired and have a very low mood. I feel like this when I'm taking them and for a while after I come off them. We all react differently to treatments but I wonder if some of the problems you have been having have been steroid related? Maybe ask your haematologist what they think. I too have had depression for years and it is possible that this does not help. My haematologist says that the steroids will certainly make my depression worse. When I have to take them and I feel horrible, I tell myself its just the steroids making me feel rough and I try to take it easy and not worry about the way I'm feeling. I know it's easier said than done not to worry but it seems to help.

I hope that you start to feel better soon,



bebtaz in reply to janran

I'm sorry to hear you are not well Janet. It sounds like you are far worse than I am. I maintain at 100 but now I'm dropping and I'm only at 80 now and I feel terrible, I can't imagine how 10 feels. I have only had to take steroids on 3 occasions and it's 3 more than I ever want to take again unless I have no other choice. I also suffer from anxiety and depression and I don't want that getting any worse either. I will try the papaya extract and the homeopathy that seems to be having some great results. It may not be for the long haul but I will take whatever I can get and report back here. Everyone has been so helpful in finding what works and doesn't work for them that it gives me ideas for me. And of course I don't feel alone which above all helps my depression. Thank you for responding Janet, hope you have a better day today.

janran in reply to bebtaz

Thanks for your kind message. My message didn't make it clear but I am actually quite well at the moment. I have just finished slowly reducing the steroids and my count is well in the 200s now. I am hoping that I will get a good period of remission from this latest course. I am lucky in that I live near a hospital that specialises in ITP and I have good haematologists. For me it is not the ITP that makes me feel ill but the treatment!! I really don't get any symptoms until the count is very low. I hope that you will get some good results from the homeopathy and that you too will feel in better health soon.

take care Janet

ITPGUY in reply to bebtaz

A platelet count of 80,000 or 100,000 is nothing to do anything about other than to monitor the count. Do nothing until it gets lower.

janran in reply to ITPGUY

Thank you for your reply. Yes my haematologist and I are happy to do nothing even with a count around 30 (I am lucky as I do not bleed with this sort of count). I only take the dreaded steroids when it drops below 10 and I start to bruise badly and get blood blisters in the mouth. My count is very good at the moment as I have just finished a course of steroids following a count of 5 last year. I really don't like them and only take them when I have no other choice. I am not on any treatment at the moment.

regards Janet

ITPGUY in reply to janran

Steroids also made me saying things that did not need to be said. Steroids can do a lot of damage to your body. I had my spleen out. Now I have a count that I can live with.

janran in reply to ITPGUY

and I am glad to hear that having your spleen removed has helped to raise your count. Best wishes for a high count future!

Hi! We are a Homeophatic Patients. I would say a family of autoimmune diseases.My sister has scleroderma&just recently I was diagnosed with Mernries Disease. My 6yrs old daughter was diagnosed with ITP last Oct 2014.At first she has this non-stop cough&colds,allergythrinitis,ashtma attacks and pneumonia. there was a time she would complain with a painful joints,sudden nose bleeds.

her platelet would go down as low as 38. she had undergone Serum Ana Panel and got a "Positive" result.the doctor insisted that the only way to manage my daughter's autoimmune disease&ITP is to give her steroids but We did not give her "steroids".for me steroids is not the solution of the problem. Instead we had her check with the Homeopathy Doctor. So far so good. She was taking homeopathic medicines.and the results are great.Her platelet would go up as high as 89-120.Homeo medicines boost her immune system,she has good appetite,keeps her energetic for the whole day.Homeo meds doesn't have side effects.So, I suggest you better try it.It helps my daughter with ITP much more my sister with sclero.


My mother is suffering from ITP, she also started homeopathic and ayurvedic treatment 2 months back along with steroids. For some time it helped, but her platlets are reducing every week. Can you please suggest if during homeopathic treatment, steroids should be taken or not. Last week she took wysolone twice a week and after that her count came down from 90k to 50k. Haemotologist again increased the dose of 10 mg per day of wysolone which was 5mg twice a week.

gem9 in reply to laurenbeatrice

can u mention name of ur dr and medicines plz?

Thank you laurenbeatrice. I appreciate your response. I'm sorry your family is going through all of this. It is a shame that with today's medicine and technology that they can't find a better answer than 'steroids'. I will definitely try homeopathy I just have to find a good doctor in my area. Thank you again and good luck to your family.

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