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Platelet Count


My daughters last blood test came back as 2. We have an appointment with the consultant next week but I am interested in trying to understand her blood count as the only information I have found relates to different readings (see below). Can anyone help me understand where my daughters test of 2 fits into this information.

Hope I have made sense.

People with platelet counts under 10,000 have a severe case of ITP. For many, a count

of 30,000 is sufficient to prevent a catastrophic bleed.

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First let me say I have no medical qualification so this my opinion is based on my own ITP journey. A count of two is very low - I have had counts of three before with no bleeding but severe bruising if I suffered any kind of blunt trauma. I am 59yrs old. Maybe I am wrong but a count of two would result in immediate intervention in a person of my age - probably a bout of IVIG (intravenous hemoglobin) to get the count quickly up to safe levels. Whether this is different in a young person (you do not state the age of your daughter) I doubt.

I would call your doctor and express your concerns that with such a low count she should be assessed straight away. Common symptoms of a low count are nosebleeds, bleeding from the gums, severe bruising and blood blisters in the mouth. I was told if I suffered any of these symptoms whilst my count was low to go to casualty.

If your daughter is young she is highly likely to go away as quickly as it came. Unfortunately for us older people it is much less likely to resolve.

Good luck - don't panic and let us know how you get on?


Hi, I think I will give the childrens outpatients a call just to be on the safe side as she has woken up with blood blisters and blood in the nose again this morning. The doctor told me not to worry unless she had a significant bleed but I think I will call them anyway.

thanks for your reply


Hello kelb1975, In young children ITP does often go away just as suddenly as it comes on and that is why many doctors and specialists do not issue any treatment. In adults like me (aged 52 and diagnosed at age 46) ITP does not very often correct itself so treatments are much more readily given.

A platelet count of 2 is very low, indeed any platelet count under 20 would normally trigger some form of treatment being issued (certainly in adults). With ITP we are all so different but generally any platelet count under 20 will trigger things like bruising, bleeding from the gums, nose, in the urine or the stools or like in your daughters case blood blisters in the mouth.

I would definitely suggest you take her to AnE to get her checked again and do explain your worries to them. If you are not happy and want to get a second opinion you are fully entitled to do so as a UK resident and NHS patient. ITP is quite rare so many hospitals and doctors do not have much experience of it so there is a full list of UK ITP experts which you can be referred to. Please email ITP Support Association HQ on and they can send you the list of UK ITP specialists. To get a referral you just need to get your GP or the specialist you are currently dealing with to refer you. Where are you based kelb?

I would also suggest having a look at some of the other answers to various questions that have been asked on this forum. Many are from parents like you who have suddenly had a child diagnosed with ITP so hopefully the questions they have asked and the answers given might reassure you.

Lastly please do have a look at the ITP Support Association website at as it has plenty of useful info about ITP and a section on Childhood ITP written by one of the leading Childhood ITP specialists Dr John Grainger.

Hope all this helps kelb but do come back to us if you need more info or just want someone to talk to.

Best wishes



I am based in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey.

Thank you for your reply, I will definitely send an email requesting the UK Specialists.

Everyone on here has been so nice. It is great to hear of other people out there

thanks again


Hello again kelb, I have attached the list of UK ITP specialists so you do not need to email ITP Support assoc HQ.

The nearest ITP specialists for you would be the 4 options in London.

The link is ......


Thank you so much.


Hi kelb1975,

Is your daughter's Platelet Count back to normal now? What sort of treatment did she they? My son is having the same problem and need to do the marrow test on next week. You information is very useful for me. Thanks.


From what I've been told platelets should be between 150/400. Mine was 7 (2wks ago) but now 21. My consultant wants them over 30 for safety reasons. He has me on 80mgs prednisone for 2wks at mo, praying this being my second dose that they work this time. hope your daughter recovers soon


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