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how can the platelet count go down ?

after treatment i did my cbc test the platelet count was 169k.

after a weeek

again i went for a test it says 48k

how is it possible that the body is not able to survive the stability.

hw can the values go down

witout even the patient getting to know.

wat are the precautions needed to be taken?

so dat the values dont come down??

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It sounds similar to what happened to me. I got really bad night sweats after I got back from Costa Rica last May. You probably have some kind of infection that hopefully you can get treated correctly. Just want to say if they can get rid of that virus or bacteria whatever is in you that is causing your body to attack itself. then you get homeopathic‘s to modulate your immune system then there is a chance that you can be stable and Your immune system will stop attacking itself.

I had six months of every 2 weeks really bad platelets and I VIG. I would need it every two weeks for platelets that would go down to 4000 or less. It all started after the infection or parasite that I caught in May. the regular Western doctors couldn’t find it and thought it was in my head and that I just had ITP.

But I did a parasite cleanse pill and antibiotics. The homeopathic doctor I started six months ago put me on a gluten-free diet, low dairy diet and I have not needed I VIG in my platelets and have remained stable for seven months after that six-month May to oct horrible every two week roller coaster ride.

So yes!!!!! figure out what is your underlying issue for your immune system problem and get rid of it . But then remember you’re going to need to regulate your immune system to stop the body from attacking your platelets.

Sorry that this response is so long but I wanted to be clear with what happened to me in case it could help you .

Be well!

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wonderfull such a brillant suggestion given by u..

i appreciate ur reply deeply..

thanks for the reply..

v ppl are blessed to have people like u to help out people in need..

i m deeply worried abt my current situation.

can u pls b clear abt wat infection or bacteria are u talking abt..


Hi platelet4000,

Thanks for letting me know that you appreciated my input. I made a promise to myself that I would try to help others if I ever got through this mess. I will write with more detail but I hope it does not bore you.

I am not 100% sure what exact infection I had or bacteria I had or parasite I had. They were not able to find any in my system that they could name. However I know that I talked them into taking an H pylori blood test and it did show up positive but only in that I had ever had it they could not tell if I currently had it. So I told them let’s treat it anyway why not. So they gave me the 21 day triple antibiotic treatment for H. pylori. During that time I was on antibiotics my infection was suppressed and my platelets went up to over 1 million.

That was in June for one month. As soon as I went off antibiotics I was back on the two week I VIG Dex burst cycles.

I begged my doctors to give me more antibiotics but they would not. They said it was not reasonable medical treatment. Instead they preferred to give me IV I G infusions and dexamethasone bursts. I went from July till October with every 2 week cycles of that.

But then two things happened in September:

One girlfriend told me to do the rife treatment for getting rid of parasites and One girlfriend sent me to a homeo pathic doctor Who does avatar diagnosis and homeopathic treatment.

So I took 3 rife sound wave treatments to kill parasites and then was told to take Pararid Pills and from the vitamin store. And I noticed that my stools changed after that. While I was infected I was having a lot of stool which seemed to decrease and go back to normal after the treatment. ( by the way my stool samples never showed a parasite)

And in sept I started homeopathic medications to help my system get rid of viruses And bacteria’s etc. these are things he could see on his avatar machine but the Western doctors couldn’t see in Blood tests. Not that this medication that these homeopathic‘s would be right for you but the ones that he had/has me on we’re cats claw, astragalus, virutox, olive leaf, Berbrine and others.

This last platelet crash I had was mid October. Which was just when I started all of this homeo and rife treatment.

After they had that last crash a friend thought that if I took some low-dose prednisone to get me past when the IV I G wore off so that my body wouldn’t have a rebound platelet crash. I did The low-dose prednisone but was done the prednisone by the end of November. I did not have the Rebound crash.

Now this is very interesting information...Since then the platelets have been about 180,000 until I had a cold in April. So they thought it was fine to give me antibiotics (finally) and low and behold I took antibiotics twice in April and the first time platelets went up from 160 where they had been for a few months to 180. After the second dose of antibiotics the platelets have gone up to 280,000. So the homeo pathic and I think that I still had a little residual infection and they maybe still do

To some extent this is all still a work in progress but thank God things are stable and I am out of that horrible 1000 to 7000 platelet crashing cycle that took over my life for six months from May until October 2017.

Please let me know if you have any questions hopefully this was helpful.

Be well!


Auto immune is one cause why our counts in roller coaster. System within our body destroys platelet "thinking" that it is a virus. Do not be afraid as your number, though low, is in safe one (if you do not have bleeding).

God bless.


thank u..


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