Platelet count after IVIG

Hello all. My son just had his first dose of IVIG last week. His platelets went from under 2,000 to almost 675,000. My pediatrician has us scheduled with a pediatric hematologist in a month. He said that if I noticed anything unusual to give him a call. They wanted to be sure his platelets didn't continue to go up. He says my son's levels are safe so I am not that worried but I wanted to see how many of you have dealt with such drastic changes in platelet counts. And also does anyone know how high is too high for a platelet count for a 5 year old boy?

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  • Hi Ridgecrest I dont have personal experience of peaediatric I T P However I have had IT P since I was 14 I am now approaching 52. I have in the past recieved IVIG at first my platelet count rose from a level simular to your sons ie 2000 to 50 000 plus. This was short lived. My consultant wasnt unduly concerned. I expect you sons count will either stabilise at a normal level or fall off to a much lower level. I hope this is not the case however. Good luck

  • Hi Ridgecrest I meant to say my count rose to 500 000 and not 50 000

  • Thanks so much for your response. I know that hemotologists see ITP all the time but this is a new and scary experience as a mother. It seems like they take forever getting back to me. It is reassuring to know that there are other sources of information. I was wondering if the level of change meant that he didn't need the IVIG in the first place. His doctors said they had to treat cause he started having spontaneous bleeding in his mouth and nose

  • Hi Ridgecrest I know what you mean about consultants. I would say that the treatment was necesary without it there is a risk that bleeding can occur internally. If you imagine the blisters in the mouth occuring internally in digestive tract. As it is your sons first treatment it works really well, as I said I would expect the platlet count will stabilse. You should have a look at I T P support association web site there is plenty of info re: treatment etc

  • Hi Ridgecrest. I have had a count in excess of 950 with no side effects. NickyD

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