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Platelet count raised from 15k to 63k in a week


I’m too excited to share this! Since my discharged from hospital last two weeks, my platelet count was 32k after IVIG (from 5k), within 5 days dropped to 15k. Today (after 2 weeks) I went to check up again it was 63k! Wow I’m thrilled! I did not change any special medication, my existing medication is eltrombopag 25mg, prednisone 30mg, azathioprine 150mg. And I only added new food to my diet 3 days ago, I started to drink honey plus 2 spoonful of chia seeds mixed in daily. Not sure if this contribute to the increment but I’ll continue this and check next week if my platelet maintain or increase.

P/s: I’m ITP steroid refractory and tried many many stuffs to no avail. Been single digit for about a month. So I’m quite excited to share the good news and hope you guys could try out and see if it helps with your conditions! Have faith!

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Well done.

That's great news! Please let us know what happens next!

Great to hear!!!!! Wanted to share that My naturopath put me on a gluten free diet.

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