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i was admitted with 4000 platelet count!!!

2 years back 2016

jaundice hepatatis A striked me den through it the bilribrium level reached to 51 count and then my haemglobin level came down to 4 frm 13 or 11.

i was admitted and transfused blood twice.and was given treatment for autoimmuno disease and jaundice i was given predinasolone from 60mg tampering it to 2mg and stopped it.

haemoglobinn was fine i was recovering and den platelet level came down from 1lakh and above to 45000

i started monitoring it till i reach 130000

bt den i moved to saudi arabia.

here once i got a small cut and it took time to stop bleeding.

n den my periiods was of heavy flow i was changing pads for every 2hrs and it still dint stop and denn even after 8days of periods i could see vaginal bleeding i dint take ny medical help even then thinking it must b due to irregular period flow for i get my periods after 2months.

den i took a bus ride for like 12 hrs so to n fro is 24hrs coming back hhome i experienced external bleeding frm my nose which i felt was normal becoz i took a busride

bt later i got to know it was not normal.

den nose bleeding happend fr 3times blood cloths were running out fr like more den 30mins

i took a medical help on 3rd tym in emergency.

i went fr cbc test n other test after consultng a doc.

d results wer expected in 3days

i was planning another road trip by car before seeing my reports.

d othrr day the doc unexpectedly called my husband n asked me to rush to the hosp.

he told me dat i hve vrry low platelet count.

thankfully it dint start external bleeding nywhere.

he asked me to rush to a big hosp as that was just a clinic.

i got admitted .

Solu-Medrol was given platelet report showed 7000 only.

doc prescribed immunoglobilin.

4doses were given

v did a cbc again 52000 was the reading

my sugar level shoted up to 300 after lunch

i was given insulin befre meals thrice

i got discharged frm der.

doc asked me to monitor sugar level for 3days n get back to him.

i was on diabetic patient diet

monitoring showed after taking steriods the sugar level was high

bt i was given steriods in 2016 too

i dint had blood sugar prblm den.

now i have to deal wit dis

i m taking apidra insulin befre meals 5 units and also predinsolone started frm 60mg trying to tamper it.

another insulin which is for 24hrs lantus 10 units are given.

pls share ur views on dis

how do i deal wit it.

some hacks n tips needed pls comment abbt it

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Predinsolon is not very effective. You must try revolade 50mg a day with 10mg predinsolon subject to the permission of your consultant.


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