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Child ITP reoccured after self-cured

I am from China and my son was diagnosed with ITP in Nov 20th, 2015 when he was 10 months old (PLT count : 24). He was treated with steroids for four days and left with the number of PLT count 87. His number was up and down after left and the lowest was 24 again and gradually up, with the number 31, 50, 70, 89 ...

After around four months without any treatment, his PLT number is getting normal back to 263. After that, he got several times of flu, cold, fever, and the number was up and down, but the lowest is 170 which is still in the normal range. The most recent blood test was done on Jul 7th, 2017, and the number is 268.

Suddenly, this Aug 9th, after one year and a half of a right PLT number, he caught a cold and with red dot on skin, and bruises appear as well, his blood test shows the PLT count drop down to 11. Other numbers like, RBC, HGB, WBC are all fine.

He is 2yrs and 8 months old now and active, playful. In general, normal like other kids except the red dots and bruises.

The questions is, when he was first diagnosed back in 2015, the doctor did not require to do the bone morrow test as the steroids works fine, so we did not do that until now. Is it necessary to do it now to distinguish with other blood disease? Given the fact that he is alright for one year and a half without any treatment. It's not common to have a hematologist here, so I'd like to gain any help here first.

Appreciated for any help first.

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Dear Joez ,

Its good that he is normal n playful, its wise to do bone marrow so go ahead ,don't worry my son has had it too. Red dots etc is usual with low platelets..My son is 10 now n surviving with very low numbers , Im thankful to God. Just save him from trauma or sudden injury as it can cause bleeding.Its hard for both moms n kids with ITP but I WISH UR BABY COME BACK TO NORMAL AS HE DID BEFORE. Goodluck to ur little one,I know too well what its like to have a child with this condition.


Thank you @S38abcd for your reply, I wish your son all the best.


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