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Sports and ITP

Hi guys, my ultra active 8 year old has had ITP for 5 months. It has been super hard to refrain from any sports. His lowest count went down to 5! Today we had great news that his platelet is at 108- nearly there!

Are there any sports you would still advise to stay away from? He is itching to get back to being a sporty kid again

I would love some advice, suggestions.


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Give him a few more months,it will be normal.At 108 he can play every sport I feel,my boy was 12 and super active in sports when he had ITP and count was 9,took a year to be normal and by gods grace is fine since,its been 6 years now.Had an episode of counts dropping to 70 when he had a bad prolonged cold.

All the best,let the young kid be himself is my suggestion.


Thanks for the reply. So glad your boy all clear. It's a frightening thing. He has done so well with 5 months of no sport and not being able to play at break time at school. Hopefully this raised, recent count means he's through the worse of it


Yes,a healthy diet,lots of fruits and greens will help.Kiwi,kale,papaya,walnuts helped us a lot.


Did you intervene medically? We've just taken the wait and watch approach ( recommended by starship) with regular blood tests- they were hoping it would fix itself naturally ( I'm hoping with this latest count it is)


Yes initially he was on IVIG for a day and count moved from 9 to 30 in a day and then kept moving upwards till it reached normal in a year.Since then it was above 250 till last year in August when it dropped to 70,then normalised by April this year and has thankfully been since.This time no medication,just a reinforced diet of fruits and greens.

All the best,your boy seems to be on track,I would only advice to relax and let the kid relax and feel normal.I know its tough as a parent.


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