Hello all :) Im 19 and had ITP from 8months old until i was 10. Now im 19 and its BACK :S My platelet count dropped rapidly down to 3 (yes only 3 ) and i was quickly put into hospital luckily for only a week. However my arms are covered in horrible purple massive bruises and i have 2 hematomas. Basically my question is how long do these bruises last for ? BTW after steroids and hemoglobin im at 140 now ^_^

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  • Please take papaya leaf juice one teaspoonful a day for a week and then get it checked once again. I am sure you will find substantial improvement and your bruises gone. It is a simple and rffectve tratment and I say this from experience.

  • Papaya leaf extract works for me too. I use fresh papaya leaves (about 4 to 6 young leaves; the ones in yellow green color yet and about the size of an adult palm). Wash and cut them in smaller sizes. Put them in blender with about half glass of water. Blend and squeeze / filter the extract in a clean cheesecloth. Color of the extract is dark green, and I consume this in 3-4 takes. But, in a platelet of this low, suggest you take this in two takes. Btw, I was diagnosed having ITP only last Christmas Season when my platelet was so low at 3 counts just like your's. I responded well on IVIG, however. My last 4 CBCs done every 15 days all resulted to platelet counts of 200+. I'm on the weaning dosage of Prednisone though, but I also take papaya leaf extract in about 3-4 days a week dosage.

  • Btw, my bruises and hematomas simply faded away within a week when my platelet was brought back to normal level. Hope papaya leaf extract will work on you too. Good luck.

  • Hi, Same happened to me, I had ITP from the age of 2, was discharged at 15. ITP came back when I was 25. Trip every week to the hospital and steroids etc. My bruises were black but as the platelets come up they do start to fade. There is no quick fix, they have to just fade away hun. I'm 43 now, down to FBC checks every 6 months and the odd relapse if I have a strong virus, I have no spleen so body has to work a bit harder. Hopefully it will stay high and it's just a blip and try not to bump into things, but if like me you are THE most clumsiest person, it is hard lol Best of luck


  • Thank you Lol yea im also clumsy the bruises are fading away, they have turned from purple to now a dark purple/black and yellow :) thats about almost 3 weeks after it happened, maybe another 2 weeks and it will be gone for good ^_^ my spleen has not been removed and hopefully i can keep it :)

  • its so good to get all this feed back I have never heard of papaya leaf juice I had itp in 2004 in Australia had my spleen removed in remission for 9 years I am now 61 years old came back 2013 had all the usual drugs. then had a 4 dose of Rebutium ( wrong spelling) and Nplate I took N plate for 10 weeks platlets went from under 10 to 7,000 so slowly went off Nplate injections and count has been between 300 to 400 since December 2013 by the way I did try Elbonbatrag tablets for 10 weeks it did not work platlets under 10 hope this helps they have a test called Idium in England to see if the plateles are being killed in the spleen before you have it our

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