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My wife suffering from ITP since Mar 2012. Plt count below 50000 with steroide. She stoped all medicines in Jan 2015 to Apr 2017 till that we not had any child, 5 year marriage life. In Apr 17 we start treatment for ITP again to become parent. Our PLT count was 40000 before treatment in Apr 17. My doctor given Elctrombopag 50mg daily for 2 week. After 2 week Plt count was 80000 thousand. but LFT test was not good so doctor reduce dose to 25 mg and LFT was again good but plt count was 10000. In August 17 my wife get pregnant, doctor stoped elctrombopag as its not safe and start steroide which not worked and plt count is 10000, so doctor given IvIg 2g/kg in Ist week of Dec 17 but plt count go up only up to 40000 after 2 week count was 20000 and again after 2 week its only 7000. My wife have 20 weeks of pregnancy. Now Doctor Give us two option one is elctrombopag 50 mg and second is Rituximub and told that both are unsafe during pregnancy but have to take to increase plt count. So please Guide us If any body taken these medicines during Pregnancy.

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Rituximub IV infusion weekly for 4 weeks has a 50% effective rate. Controlled studies in pregnant show no evidence of fetal risk. Eltrombogag and Romiplostim are considered category C for pregnant women but can be used after 20 weeks (second trimester), I would ask for a second opinion with a high risk Obstetrician. I have been on weekly Romiplostim injections since 2010 to maintain a platelet count above 50k with no side effects of course I’m not pregnant. I am a nurse and have used chemotherapy for breast cancer in women in the second trimester with good success. Kyriak51


Thank you Kyriak5, my wife is in 21th week now and rituximab 2 doses given but after 1st doses count was 3000 only doctor told that it will give positive effect after some time so we are waiting for a good news may be next week CBC.


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