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Promacta/Revolade not working now

Hi All,

I had tried Revolade in India 4 yrs back once(for 15 days) and 2 yr back once(15 days). Both times, my count had raised to 50k first time and 80k 2nd time. In between every month I used to take 2-3 days during my periods. Now from past 15 days I have started taking Revolade and count has reduced from 10 to 6k. This time am in US and thought for continuing for long time(as insurance is covered for medicines here) but it doesn't seem to work. For any of you, did the counts dropped in start and then started increasing?? This time am taking iron supplements along with Promacta and I can see one of the side effects of Promacta is Anemia. So taking them together is causing this? I was so much positive on this medicine but now loosing hope. !! :(

I got Dexamethasone steroids for 4 days and that boosted up counts to 250k. First time in my life counts have gone above 100k so i was very happy.

But within a week, count reduced to 50k. So Promacta is not at all working.!!

My doctor wants to check next week again and if not helping then gonna stop Promacta forever. :(

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My understanding of Promacta (Eltrombopag) is that once you start taking it you should continue taking it. The dose should be reduced only if a stable count of 150 is achieved for several weeks. The drug should only be stopped if a stable count of 150 is maintained on the lowest dose.

Promacta (Eltrombopag) is not intended to be taken for just a few days at a time and stopped and started.

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Yeah doctor also told the same that my body might have developed resistance since I was taking randomly... my bad.. :(


I was on it for 6 months, gradually my body overcame the effect and in the end I was on the max dose just to keep my platelets around 40k, plus a low dose of prednisolone. ITP is good at fighting back!

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