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Hi I'm new this is my story, well up to now!

Hi everyone I'm new and this is my first post! It's been a bit of a bumpy ride this last 2 or 3 years or so. December 11th 2013, I remember it well, I was taken ill suddenly at work in the ambulance service workshop and taken to Bournemouth hospital. To cut a long story short my platelets and red cell had crashed to 4. I was in isolation for the next few days with my family told to expect the worst. Eventually after test after test I was diagnosed with Evans Syndrome. Various drugs were used but only high steroids worked, eventually some months later all was well under control and in remission. May 2016 came, not feeling well and some lumps on my back and arms, more test this time diagnosed with Large Diffused B Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. 8 sessions of chemo and all that goes with in and now several months down the line in remission with this. July 20th 2017, have had a funny rash on my lower legs for souplike of days, blood test at Drs results next day, no A&E are trying to find me that night "your blood is abnormal you may need treatment"! Arrive at Bournemouth hospital early hours of 21st July, platelets spontaneously crashed to 4 without warning 850ml of Previgen infused orbs half hourly. Next morning platelets at dizzy heights of 17now. Eventually rising to 117, I was allowed home for the weekend. Back in Monday bone marrow biopsy, and put on 85mg Prednisolone daily. After a week blood test showed platelets now at 240 and steroids reduced to 70 mg. Next appointment tomorrow morning. Bone marrow must be ok as not heard anything different. I am so lucky to have the Jigsaw Unit at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital in my corner they've kept me going, I am so positive and focused all the time, I will not give in. Sorry I've got on a bit and thank you for your support.

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I had platelet transfusions twice seems to have worked so far, you have had an awful time, much worse tan me, I wish you luck and good health


Thank you Perman, I still feel I'm blessed compared to many. I'm pleased your treatment is working and wish you continued good health.


Steve as you are new to ITP, you might wish to have a look at my ITP blog which tells my story including diagnosis, symptoms, treatments, Prednisolone, the whole nine yards....

Also do check out the ITP Support Association website if you haven't already...


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