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New here with a question re: Prednisone

Hello: a few weeks ago my partner was diagnosed with ITP (never had a bone marrow biopsy) and was put on 80mgs per day of prednisone. After one week his number went from 25 to 79 but the second week on the same dose they dropped to 27. Has anyone have this happen? We expected it to keep climbing or hold steady but not drop again until at least after the steroids were discontinued. Also, is it normal not to have a bone marrow test to confirm the itp and that it isnt something worse? Thank you so much for your time.

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This is a tricky period because you’re just trying to figure it all out. I’m still trying after 2 years. I was at 24 and my hemo put me on 100 mgs and my numbers went up to 86 and then she wanted me down 10 mgs a week to try and establish a base mark (mine is around 50). I take 10 mgs a day of pred, watch my diet, watch my alcohol, exercise, and get tested once a week or two. You’re going to go up and down for no reason (for me it’s always party/drinking related). Just pay close attention to it (it’s a part of your life now) and you’ll be ok. No need to get bone marrow until your more serious condition. When you respond to pred like you did that’s a good sign.


“Waned” me down, not “wanted” me down.


yes, it fluctuates.. corticosteroids are the first line of treatment and needs to stay course for the first few weeks, before which the hemo can prescribe the next medication.


Ideallly you get off meds.


I have ITP and I never had a bone marrow test either I have immunoglobulin infusions every 3 weeks and also take steroids as my platelet count keeps dropping down to between 20-30



Wishing you good luck getting things figured out...

Anything is possible. And Bone marrow tests are often only necessay to rule out cancer.

In case it helps...Here is my story....

After a virus that I caught abroad, my body stayed busy attacking my platelets by mistake for 8 months until homeopathic doctors got rid of my underlying infection and rebalanced my immune system. Has your partner had a recent virus or infection?

Western doctors gave me IVIG and steroids and promacta for 8 months every 2 weeks with platelets bottoming out at 1,000 to 7,000 every 2 weeks. It was just a very bad bandaid approach! Even Mayo clinic did not help me. Then the drs were mad that I refused rixtuin.

Finally after 8 months of the rollercoaster bandaid approach, the homeopathic drs treated the underlying cause and infection I had. I was cured of platelet crashes after one month of homeopathics.

For me the homeopathics such as cats claw, notanum, silvercillin, Alka C, viruchord, Moducare, immunomod A, and Adenal life force were focused on getting rid of infections, fungus, parasites and then rebalancing the immune system. I also was advised to go gluten free and decrease dairy. It would be great if more pople could be aware of the chance to get rid of this terrible disease through homeoptahy!

Please let me know if you have any questions



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