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Revolade stopped working suddenly


I am from India. I have ITP since 2016 october. Dapsone did not work on me. My doctor suggested Revolade. The platelets used to to increase upto 3 lakhs when I was on Revolade. They start decreasing when I stop the tablet. This has been happening for quite sometime. Now suddenly platelets have started decreasing even when I am on Revolade. Has this happened to anyone before?.

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Yes, when I started on Revolade my platelets went up to a normal level, but gradually they got worse.

My doctor changed my dose from 50 to 75mg and the count went up again, but also over time went down gradually.

The only way to make the Revolade work was to also take Prednisolone at the same time.

No l never gave it a chance because revolade had to be stopped abruptly when it caused blood clots in the leg liver and lungs. So l've nothing good to say about this drug l truly hope you have better luck. What worked for me and my count has been over 200 for the past couple of years is either having my so keen removed or the drug rituximab..ask your specialist about that one and upping predisone been there did that and have finally taken off the 80 pounds l put on do to this terrible drug... Good luck and may God be with you......

Sorry that's spleen. ...

I have been on 50mg Revolade for 1 month now, it seems to be working as my platelets have went from 30/40 to 105. I cannot comment yet if it will suddenly stop working as too early, and my first week taking Revolade nothing happened at all, in fact my platelets had got lower. I will go back in one month to get tested again so I will report back on whether they have lowered, got higher, or remained the same.

I doubt your doctor will want you to continue with Revolade if obviously not working now. Have you considered having your spleen removed. I opted for the pills as I am not really wanting body parts removed :) Not just yet anyway.

I also believe Revolade is not about boosting platelets very high, I think they are designed for people with low platelets just to boost it to a safe amount, 100 or so. So if you are now maintaining that safe amount then they are working great for you. As long as not a major drop.

@JasonJ. Thanks for the reply. Mine was 40000 last week. I am gonna check the count again the next week and check how it has been.

@eciardullo: Thanks for the reply and the wishes.

@tartan_paint: Thanks a lot. Revolade was working great for around 3 months for me. Now I don't know what might be wrong. My doctor has asked me to be on Revolade. He has changed it from alternate days 25mg to daily 25mg. And I am not good with removing spleen either.

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