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Starting Revolade in Mexico


Hi, so glad I found this group. I am in Mexico and starting Revolade tomorrow. I´m over 55 and worried what it will do to my liver. Any experiences I should know about? I trust my hematologist but everything is so $$$ biased that I´d rather know now. thanks

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I have been on Promacta (same drug, different name) since Feb. My liver values have always been very good. I think as long as you monitor stuff that it isn't a problem

I have been on 50mg/day Revolade (Eltrombopag) for 2 years now. I get a blood test every 2 months to monitor my platelet count and liver response. My platelet count was at 2 but since I have been taking the Revolade it has been in the 80 to 100 range and there has been no adverse effect on my liver.

Same the world over $$$$££££. However you have two very good replies. I took eltrombopag to raise my count from a steady 10 to over 100 to enable heart bypass. After the op. I came off the drug and count reverted to 10. Since then,over 2 years back, my count has steadily risen and now stands at 70 with no medication. This is apparent in 30% of patients who have taken eltrombopag and been taken off so good luck and I hope it works for you.

Any medication for long term would be bad is what I feel. If you are continuously on bleeding problem, then medication is required. If Brusing is the only problem, then you can manage like me. I will take Revolade one week before my periods date. I just believe counts go UP and stay in 30-40k till my periods bleeding stops. I wont go for freequent blood tests because I am in US now and I don't want to consult any doctor here. Because I have gone through all roller coaster ride in India for 2 years and nothing worked out except Revolade. I don't want US doctors also to use me for their experiment and make me bankrupt. I am trying to manage with Revolade which I get from India. Anyway this ITP is idiotic, it might go away or stay for whole life, we just have to learn staying happy along with ITP.

Roller coaster ride in India? I'm considering going to India for treatment, can you tell me about it?

As i have read other people's review in this blog who are from other countries, the treatment looks pretty similar. But cost wise I am not sure, obviously India would be little cheaper. But some of the ITP treatments are too costly in India also. Like I have been treated with Steriods (cheap) then Dapsone tablets (cheap), then Rituximab (costly) and then IVIG(very costly) and now I am on Revolage (its like 1.8k per tablet). So it's like doctors try different kinds of treatment and if initial treatments work then you are lucky else you should have good Insurance unless you have lot of money in your pocket. Wish I would have got this forum before itself. Because more than burden about cost it's mental stress which impacts us more. As it's less known problem, we will be in a scary feeling that anything could happen anytime. Though it's true, it may not be the case. I have some bad examples of non-stop periods bleeding before, but I am still leading quite normal life. So all of you in this forum, don't panic, whatever supposed to happen, will happen. Just ignore ITP and move on. :)

Thats exactly how i feel. I'm my dr's experiment.

HI LAROJA: I have been on it for a few years, so far its the only thing that helps. No problems with it.

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