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Itp is curable or not


My name is ashish saxena. My father is suffering from itp from 6 months.At this time his platelets is 8k.He takes revolade tablets but they didn't affect much.Now he takes homeopathic medicines but they also don't affect.

Can anybody give me some advice for my father.I live in bareilly (India).

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Hello Ashish,

Sorry to hear about your father but you need not worry too much. ITP is not curable but most people including myself learn to live with it and lead a full life. I know that in India, Homeopathy is often associated with ITP but, there does not seem to be any firm indication that it works. I am also aware that people use Papaya Leaf extract which appears to have some positive effects on some people.

I was diagnosed in 2007 and my platelets have since the beginning fluctuated in the single figures reaching zero on 2 occasions. The usual intervention seems to be steroid and a course of IVIG when platelets drop to low levels. For the last 11 months, my platelets have been fluctuating in the mid 20s. Luckily, I do not bruise or bleed.

Revolade/Eltrombopag and Romiplostin are what many haematologists in England prefer to prescribe although, I have successfully argued against those with my haematologist.

Perhaps you should only ask the doctors to intervene if your father's platelets drop to very low level or if he bruises and bleed. I do not know how old your father is or how low his platelets level is. If you are worried, perhaps you may want to approach another haematologist for a second opinion.

Best Wishes.


beach311 in reply to Rafiq

It is a worry , but stay strong.

Hi Rafiq, I'm interested that you have argued with your haematologist against, Revolade/Eltrombopag and Romiplostin - can you give me an insight as to why?

Sarah x

ITP can be cure by miracle it self or by any medicine. like every body has itss own body reaction... SOme cure some India there is a famous Dr shah. homeopathic . search him. I read on many blogs that his medicine works.

P.S . it needs time to cure .

Prathyusha in reply to AWSAR


Did you receive his treatment or do you have any contact no who has taken treatment ?? Please do reply

I took Homeopathy for 6 months but with no improvements. Yeah ITP can just go by itself by a miracle or we just learn to live with it. But see if he can go on complete natural diet and if it helps. You can go through other's posts here which really gives some confidence on leading normal life with ITP.

hi Ashish. .I m from Mumbai India. .I had tried steroid and hemeopathy treatment 4 months off steroid my count is stable so far.Till there is no active bleeding you can stay out of medicines..btw can you let me know what is cost of revolaDe in India.

13000 for 7 pills

From which doctor you take prescriptions in Mumbai...

I had consulted Dr Pradeep Jadhav in Borivali West mumbai

n for allopathic treatment I had consulted in wockhard

Now What is your platelet count ?

It's in normal range..around 149..Donna exactly what worked steroids or I am off all medicines fromantic last 4 months..just taking herbal remedies like aleo Vera juice, giloy amla juice lot of green leafy vegetables ..also . folic acid n calcium tablets.

Gud and best wishes for you...

You can check with your doctor about medicine Dapson. It is not a medicine for ITP but it's side effect is increase in platelets. I find that it works for me and has resulted in me reducing the dosage of revolade.

ashishsxn08 in reply to kausruch

Yes doctor also gave this medicine

I infer that Dapson did not help your father. Is it correct?

ashishsxn08 in reply to kausruch


Dude same here i am also from india from nagpur i also looking forward for this answer now i am trying ayurvedic from dr. Vikram chauhan search his channel on youtube unwill get videos of itp and interview for those whose itp cured with his medicines i hope my also will get cured as i am just 18 lol

How did the treatment work for you now ? Any improvement through ayurvedic tratment ?

Hello Ashish, I am also an ITP patient since June18.

I was admitted with some IV drugs etc , ORAL Medicines is Revolade, Omnicortil (Steroid) and dapsone.

My Bone Marrow test cnfmd ITP.

Thankfully, Omnicortil (steroids) have stopped.

CURRENTLY, still on Revolade and danogen.

Hope ur father is being treated by a qualified Clinical Hematologist.

Please seek his guidance in addition to Homeopathy..

Homeopathy helps.

My platelet count increased to 54000today from 34000 on 20dec18.

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