Is ITP curable?

This is Sonika from India (Noida). I have just undergone through the treatment of ITP. I have admitted into hospital when my blood cont was 25K. Blood transfusion was given when it came to 10 K. Now I am on steroid and taking proper precaution. Let me know any other alternative other than steroid. i am putting weight also. Is it permanently curable?

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  • Hello Sonika,

    To date ITP does not have a cure although it is treatable and the first couset of treatment is steroids and also with me they made me gain weight. There are other treatments for ITP which I am sure your doctor will explain.

    Good luck.

  • i have my spleen out in 2004 i was good for 9 years i have just had 6 months of steroids they start you off with 100mg then i went down to 35 mg for the next 5 months. I have tried the revolade tablets for 10 weeks made no difference platelets were still under 10 I have started the NPlate injections 6 weeks ago and can report my Platelets are 280 I also had a chemo drug x 4 rituximab 2 weeks before the NPlate and 2 weeks while starting the Nplate so is it the Nplate or the Rituximab ????? I have tried every thing very chronic ITP good luck you need to get on the web and find out more

  • Hi Sonika, This is nasar from india,

    The ITP cannot be curable but manageable, Kindly search nasar itp from the google for more info.

  • Sonika,

    I also had steroids (Prednisone) the first time I had ITP. The doctor said that there was a 50-50% chance that it would come back, and indeed it did. Last May I had four infusions of Rituxan (rituximab), and my platelets are up in the 270 range. My doctor says that the effect can last anywhere from six months to five years; he's hoping that I'll be bale to go at least two. I hope so too; the medication is very expensive here.


  • We have tried everything for me. Rituxan, Promacta, N'Plate, Dex, Pred, and now Vincristine (chemo). Diagnosed 4/27/12 at 7K yesterday was 2k and got platelets. I have been going to the infusion center everyday for going on two weeks now to get CBC and platelets. And I have been tested for everything under the sun and all NEG. If I can just get and stay about 20k I am fine with that.

  • Also I want to try everything before taking my spleen out. Winrho is next getting tested to see if I can take it, but still looking at other medications other there.

  • Same here

  • I had my spleen out when I was six. No other treatment afterwards. I'm 53, and I haven't had anymore related issues. I don't understand why, but I did have colon cancer in my thirties. I have Lynch syndrome which is a mutated gene that leaves you predisposed to a group of different cancers, this has no cure. But never have I had anything more with ITP, I actually thought all my life I had been cured but everywhere I read they say there is no cure?

  • Maybe Ur were cured , everyone is different! Good to hear of someone living a normal life up here 'it leaves hope

  • Hi there! my ITP relapsed after 5 months..and back to steroids..but I wonder why u underwent blood transfusion on 10k..i m on steroids even on 5 k... alopaths say no solution for ITP... as they are unable to find the cause... yoga can help...i am trying to find the same.. will share if find some giudance to follow. Till then all the best..keep smiling :)

  • I will not suggest spleenectomy... as it could be one of cause for auto immune disorder but Doctors dont give surety...its just trial and error process..can work in some percentage of cases...not all.

  • Go for indium test sadly not avalaible in india

  • Thank all. I had been detected ITP three yrs back. Now I am 56 .It varies between 25000--60000.Somebody told me old India Ayurvedic medicine -"Juice of Papaya leaf" is good for the cause .It was effective three yrs back & I left it. Again I am trying. Let me hope for the better. Good luck to our association member

  • Dear Sonika, i am also from India, and stay in Delhi, m 44 yrs and was diagnosed with ITP last year - 2012 when repeated tests confirmed the same. It is basically a disorder, just like diabetes, with no known cure, but manageable.

    My lowest counts have been 8k, and have never gone on transfusion. I find this is a general trend in North india, and doctors resort to this type very easily. I am currently taking a hematologists advice from Bangalore. Last one year i too have gone on various lines of treatments, first steroids, and then discontinued them. Curreantly my dr.advised to take eltropomag, Revolade, which helps to keep the counts to a safe level. my advise is be +ve, and keep your normal routines, eat fresh food always, Papaya leaf extract is very useful to shore up platelets counts. You can further contact me on, # 09810065344. Will be most ready to help and share my progress

  • I was diagnosed with ITP in 2012 and my platelets dropped to 0.01 and this happened to me five times and they just gave me steroids and IVIG but it's not really taking effect in my immune system. Then my friend of mine introduced me the "propolis", my platelets shoot up to 150k in just a week... I hope this could help you.

  • hi, I have a query. In which form you took propolis , what is the quantity and did you also continued steroids even after platlets increase by taking propolis... My mother is suffering from ITP, she is taking steroids from last one year and now started homeopathy and ayurvedic medicines alongwith steroids. This decreased the rate of destruction of platlets but we want to get rid of steroids completely.. Please suggest if you have any solution.

  • I have had ITP for a year my numbers were 4000 so they hospitalized me for 5 days as Predizone didn't work next IVG didn't work so next Rituxan it didn't work but NPLATE did and I am still on it. Would like to find something that fixed it but so far not working

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