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Diet and excercise

Hello, I've had ITP since Feb 2012, this now my 3rd spell of it. first time I had 7 (probably had been lower but my symptoms were easing by time they checked!), I responded ok ish to steroids and after 9 months was discharged. By July 13 is was back, with a count of 27, (not as bad as some I know!), and was straight back on steroids, but this time I got steroid induced type diabetes, so was rushed of them and put on rituximab. Thankfully diabetes has gone, but I am now susceptible apparently.

On Friday after nearly 3 years my platelets decided they would vanish again, down to 10. A 3 hour nose bleed a trip to a&e, and haematologist later, I'm on a short emergency course of steroids. After 4 days I'm up to 32! But as my body really doesn't like steroids I'm going try nplate.

I try not to worry about my itp to much, there is not much I can do about, it's the life I have now. But my question is....is there any exercise regime anyone does that helps, without tiring you too much? And is there any diets anyone has other than low sugar and fat?

Hope you are all well, and thank you in advance

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I also had count of 7 in July last year and put on steroids, I put on 2.5 stone but count now 128. I have another blood test in 2 wks praying all will be well, I'm trying the 5/2 diet as my daughter in law lost so much weight so I'm giving it a go, lost 2lb first wk,

Hope all goes well for you


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Hope the test comes back good. Before the rituximab I put on a fair of weight, but lost most after time, was just 'steroid' weight I think. All I'm wanting is to eat and exercise without making things worse.



As each of us with ITP respond differently for medication and diet, it's better to try and see if it works out. You can try yoga. I was very scared to excercize before as it increases body heat, inturn it would worsen ITP. But when I started, as expected, Bruising increased initially and slowly reduced but I didn't stop excercizing. Now after 3 months, I still bruise same way my there is no change in counts i feel, but atleast excerizing making me feel fit and its definitely gonna help to get rid of other problems than ITP.


I put on four and a half stone when taking steroids and that was years ago. I have lost all the weight since then. Exercise and diet are good for you generally but in my experience there is no sure fire way to get rid of ITP quickly.


Hello, since 2 years ago I'm taking a healthly diet (low sugar and fat), it is most like Paleo Diet.

This works for me, but I think it is important for your body that you can give it a healthly food.

Other thing I did is to try to reduce the stress. The 2 episodes I had 2 year ago were related to a strong stress moments . So I recommend to you to try to change your life style. I'm sure that will help you.


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