Diet has been key

My husband was diagnosed with itp about 4.5 years ago and was told steroids would be needed if platelets dropped further and possible splenectomy . He was monitored regularly and he tried all sorts including papaya leaf, alkaline diet etc to try to remedy. Just over 3 years ago he went gluten free to eliminate inflammation in his body having read countless articles on the impact of gluten on the immune system... His platlets started to increase after 6 months. He contined to be gluten free and his platelets are now at a normal level and have been for about 2 years. At his last consultation with specialist they could not believe that he had not been on any medication to increase platlets. This has been quiet a major life change in changing diet and is a hassle when eating out BUT the pay off is immense. I would encourage others to look into going gluten free.

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  • That's really encouraging I have also started to change my diet after reading a lot about the effect of diet on the immune system. I don't want to take tablets forever, or remove my spleen!

  • I have also read going gluten/dairy free helps. I am trying it now and hoping come 7th sep when I have my next blood text it will show A good result. No more steroids and dizzy head!!!!

    Thank you for posting this just the encouragement i need to continue carry on with effort


  • If you know what triggered your ITP though, and mine was pregnancy, how will diet stop your platelets being destroyed in the spleen or liver, or make your bone marrow do its thing if it isn't?

    I have avoided treatment so far, apart from some very short term steroids, in the 20 years I've had this, as my Docs are happy to let me be until my count gets to 10 or so.

  • I have been dairy free all through my ITP treatments. I think everyone's body reacts differently. I tried Papaya leaf tea and that made no difference. Anything to make your body work better has to be a good thing. If going Gluten free helps one person it may not help another, but there is no harm in trying.

  • I'll have to wait til I'm living back in the UK for that. Free from products haven't caught on in Belgium yet!!!!

  • No need to buy free from products. It's all just about eating REAL unprocessed rubbish. Free from stuff is just as bad as is processed and loaded with sugar.

  • You try buying gluten free in a country that doesn't believe in food allergies, and finds vegetarianism a difficult concept.

    I cook every night from scratch, and don't think you can buy real unprocessed rubbish, as you put it. If it's rubbish, it's processed surely?

    I spend hours reading food labels in three or four languages to see what is in yoghurt,etc. Bread is from bakeries, without an ingredients list, and not gluten free.

    I like alcohol and chocolate, and Belgium excels at both.

  • That sounds great.

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