ITP with count of 3 now getting on steriods

Hii my doctor today diagnosed me with ITP as for the last 5 days my count was constant at 3 even after giving PRC and SDP for 3 days. I don't have history of ITP within family. On 1st Oct I got mild fever as dengu was on a high I got my CBC and the count was 125 but degu report was negative but doctor started Dengu treatment with some antibiotics and hydrating drips . In the following 5 days the count came down to 11 and finalise settled at 3. Post getting a bone marrow check doc confirmed ITP by exclusion method. But I still not able to accept that I have the count was really low now I put on steroids and is scared of the I'll effects of steroids. Kindly suggest any other way to confirm ITP. Also the antibiotic given in Dengu cases can induce an antigen to kill platelates that is one thing I will be researching and will keep you posted.

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  • Hi what antibiotic did they put you on for Dengu fever.

  • Cefiximi it was not exactly for Dengu but to suppress the symptoms which may appear with Dengu. I took a course of 200 mg tablets 2 per day for 5 days.

  • Check out great information at in US and ITP Support in Great Britain. It's very frightening and confusing but there are effective alternatives to steroids.

  • I was diagnosed with a count of 2, steroids didn't work which is super annoying as it takes agessss to come off of them as it's a gradual thing. Been on them nearly 3 months and have only been reduced to 60mg from 95mg. Currently having rutoximab treatment which I'm seeing really good results as my count is now 91 having last treatment tomorrow! The chemo treatment sucks and doesn't work for everyone but it's worth mentioning to your doctor! Good luck to you!!

  • At what age you were diagnosed with ITP.

  • 24! Only a couple months ago I was diagnosed. So was not expecting that! Haha, honestly though once you learn as much as you can about it, you feel more in control. Just read up as much as you can about it and if you find out anything that may worry you or confuse you just talk to your hemotologist. And they can clear it up :D

  • Have you got checked for H pyloria. Get it checked if not. also search H pyloria and ITP. A lot of Study done in Japan. Also Pdsa has great information on this subject.

  • And another thing to bare in mind when doing research is that some of the information you find will most likely not be up to date. Medicine has evolved so much in the past 10-15 years and for a something so rare that are a lot of treatment options out there!

  • Hii got my third dose of cortico steroids yesterday and now the platelates have got to 43000 from 9000. Docs are confused if it is itp or not. A senior hematologist is suggesting to stop the steriods immediately. But the GP is not agreeing. Really confused what to do. But my gut feeling is saying to wait for a couple of days and see were the count is going and then take a call on taking steriods.

  • Antibiotics know to cause ITM in some people

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