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The condition that just keeps giving...

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I have been having migraines since ITP was diagnosed... however, Saturday and especially Sunday had such an intense pressure headache (starting from the nape of my neck) that I took myself to the out of hours doctors... thinking that I would get stronger painkiller.

Oh no... not me... because of ITP... medication... and the symptoms I presented with the decision was taken to rule out a bleed on the brain...

CT scan and lumber puncture later... thankfully I got the all clear...

I am grateful that the doctor I seen was thorough... I'm even more grateful that it is only a headache and nothing more serious.

ITP... the condition that keeps on giving... two more medical procedures I can score off my bucket list!

Happy days... and hope you are all well πŸ˜„

6 Replies

Pleased you ok and doctor was doing his job for a change, hope your headache didn't last too long


Pollyangel in reply to Lin6

On and off Lin... think it is stress related x

Lin6 in reply to Pollyangel

Bless you, hope you feel better soon.

So glad the doctor did the CT scan and it was all fine. What a relief. Of course at the time you have the monster headache, the last thing you want to do is have more tests. Hope you have a better week, thanks for sharing with us:)

Take care and hope you have a headache free week.

Had a lumbar puncture when I was diagnosed with optic neuritos not nice : ))))

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