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ITP and feeling the Cold


Just thought I'd throw out a topic to see what responses other folk have had to - ITP and feeling the cold.

Is it just me or do other ITP folk feel the cold when most other people don't ?

I'd be interested to see what others think about it. Please do let us all know.

I've lived with ITP for 15 years now and I am always colder than an Eskimo's igloo !

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Hi, I have always got really cold hands and feet when the temperature drops but that could just be me.

I’m afraid I’m the opposite - My hands are always warm, no gloves in winter, thinner coats than my friends. Not sure whether this may be a ‘woman’ thing (although I am well into my late 60’s) Interesting to see other reactions to this.

I dont know anyone that feels the cold as much as I do. I am sensitive to the heat and the cold equally. But with the cold you can add layers. When it's hot, I just stay inside. My house is very warm in the winter with the heating on high.

Always cold here. I've had ITP a few years now and on Promacta. I am always cold and wondered if it was the ITP or just me.

Yes as soon as the weather changes to winter my hands go dead without gloves,. I am usually a lot colder than my husband and friends. I still use my winter duvet in summer! But i also cannot cope with really hot weather either

My hands are permanently cold, necessitating gloves outdoors nine months of the year, and wrist warmers indoors/ in bed almost all year.

I also wear bedsocks almost all year (oh, the glamour!).

When sitting to read or watch television, I hold a hot water bottle on/under/between my knees (depending on which areas feel coldest).

Like other commenters, I also find hot days very trying (despite being many years post menopause!).

I have nice cashmere bed socks...

Yes I definitely feel the cold more than others

I am usually cold. My hands are always cold no matter what. I use to not be that way at all. But I have noticed when my count goes down the colder I feel

Yep, I feel the cold, but at the moment that is balanced by hot flushes and night sweats, due to the menopause. I have lovely collection of wristwarmers, bed socks, thermals, and thick socks.

It's my fingers and feet mainly, and my fingers are sometimes so painful when it's cold that I cry when they catch on something. Now I'm back in the UK where it is warmer and damper than where I was in Belgium, my hands may improve.

I’m always cold. Feel like I’ve been in a refrigerator. Wear socks to bed even on the hottest days. Also sensitive to heat. Fingers and hands cannot handle hot items.

purplecaz in reply to sharroN42

I'm the same, horrible isn't it :(

i m the same as most people here always cold feet and hands gloves or thick socks make no difference

Hi, I also suffer badly from feeling cold, mainly my feet. Even in the height of our warmest weather my feet will feel frozen. I wear trainers all year round - flip flops or sandles to wear would be a dream for me. I also sometime get what I can only explain as a cold fit late at night. I get progressively colder to the point of physically shivering, and it's awful, I have to put on several layers of clothes, dressing gown, and cover myself under a blanket to get back to warm. I explain it to people as my bones feel cold. Does anyone else experience this?

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