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22 year old Colitis + ITP


Does anyone suffer from Crohn's or Colitis as well as ITP?

I was recently diagnosed with ITP and was prescribed prednisolone 60mg for 2 weeks as I had a count that fell from 68 to 18. I refused to take them due to practical reasons. I recovered from a cold and my platelets are now 76! If I took the steroids I would have probably had more side effects and a longer term cold.

Does anyone suggest alternative methods for dealing with ITP as I don't like the idea of immunosuppressants of being any sort of long term solution.

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I can completely understand how you feel about taking medication for ITP. I feel - as a patient - you must do your own research on medication and the side effects. I firmly believe a healthy "diet" can help in many ways. I know - physicians - think otherwise. In my research pertaining to "low platelets" I discovered that juicing {or eating} a whole pineapple daily with Vitamin C can stabilize the platelets. I have been juicing one pineapple daily with Vitamin C since 2002. Also, eating kale COOKED increases platelet counts. However, doing my research, I discovered that kale may not be healthy for the thyroid. Kale is a very popular vegetable at the present time. I feel I need to research it further. Keep me posted. Wishing you well.

bk610 in reply to Larkspun

Thanks for your reply. I too have the same feeling. For diseases which the cause and mechanisms are unclear I don't agree with the idea that you must suppress your whole body's immune system.

I too am eating spinach and kale everyday, taking noni juice and papaya. Too early to say anything but I feel great and hopefully my tests tomorrow will be promising but there are so many factors involved.

Will update you. All the best!

Larkspun in reply to bk610

Keep me posted…….

bk610 in reply to Larkspun

My count fell to 52 but has been stable for a week at 53. My Haemo refuses to do anything in the mean time. I want to be tested for potential spleen/liver/marrow function to see where the problem is.

Luckily I have no symptoms and feel normal as ever.

Off topic but my clotting tests come up normal? Do you perhaps no anything about why that may be despite lower platelets?

Huyen in reply to bk610

Hi. Im Huyen. Im an itp patient. Do u feel good with noni juice?

youre absolutely right! ITP patients and people who has autoimmune disease should watch what they eat.Fruits and vegetables are best key of getting better.stop taking foods from fastfoods.avoid foods with preservatives,sugar and softdrinks. instead take time to juiced fresh fruits.and of course a lot of prayers...Autoimmune suppressants like steroids&etc is not actually helping.it gives a lot of lifetime side effects.We seek treatment from Homeopathic and it helps a lot.it boosts your immune system.

bk610 in reply to laurenbeatrice

Hi Lauren, which country are you in and where did you find your homeopath?

laurenbeatrice in reply to bk610

Philippines. Try to search for BIOLOGICAL HOMEOPATHIC treatment.It works well with us who has autoimmune diseases.and it jas no side effects

ITP at a 78,000 count is not problem to live with. Stay away from sulfur in any form like in wine ,on raisins, or in medications. Limited booze. Pray you improve from 78K.

If it goes below 40K see a good hematologist, not just any blood doc. There are about ten things they can do to fight ITP. Steroids is one approach and it would work short term for me. However, I did not want long term steroid treatments. ITP is a long term bad deal, but you can live your life with it.

hi my 6yrs ild daughter was diagnosed with ITP.she is suffering from long twrm colds,cough(ashtma)and wven pneumonia became ordinary for her.her platelet goes down asnlow as 36.Mainstream doctprs been teeling us that STEROIDS is the only medicine for her and to manage her autoimmune problem.Just like you we dont like immunosupressant.its not actually helping&its not curing you.Then youve got to suffer for the lifetime side effects.

Instead we unendlessly seek for alternative treatment.We brought her to Homeopathic Treatment.and shes getting better.her diet was improved.were more on vegetables&fresh juice.Im giving her 3 tablespoon of freshly juiced BEETROOTS 3×/day.No sugar for her just,a lot of organic honey instead.shes drinking freshly juiced all together carrots,apples,pineapple,etc.Durian fruit is a realy big help.I suggest you go on homeopathy and please do research on foods/vegetables that are best for itp&autoimmune problems patients.

Have recently had another FBC and am now at 63. During this time I have been taking noni juice and papaya leaf extract but can't say if this has had any effect.

The Haematolgoist is just going to monitor me but hasn't put me for further testing and has only just done the basic tests to exclude HIV and hepatitis. I have had H-pylori bacteria in the past which has been shown to have a connection with ITP and will ask for retesting in case it has reoccured.

Does anyone know of any further testing that can be done to determine where the platelets are being destroyed or insufficiently produced?

Had another FBC on Wednesday and am now at 133!!!

I'm not sure why if I'm honest. I was recently hospitalised with food poisoning and they gave me antibiotics which may/may not have had an effect. For the moment, my colitis is fine almost 2 stools a day only and the platelets are higher than when I started to have colitis in 2013.

Be careful with high mil. of prednisone . I got diabetes from it.

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