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ITP Disease

Hi All,

My name is vikas Kakkar, I am from India. I am a software engineer.

In 2009 i found that i was suffering from ITP. In 2009 my platelet count was 7000. Then with the help of Steroids, my platelets count was 1,20,000. It took 6 months to increased my platelets count from 7000 to 1,20,000 with 10 kg weight increased and lots and lots of swelling on my face. Then i stop taking any steroids medicines.

Then in 2015 i found that my platelets count was again reduced to 44,000. But now i am not taking any steroids, now i am consulting Homeopathic Doctor. I have taken homeopathic medicine for 15 days and in 15 days u wont believe my platelets count was increased from 44,000 to 1,14,000.

I want to help all the people who are suffering from ITP disease.

You can find my contact details below.

God bless you all.


with kind regards,

Vikas Kakkar

Ph No.: +919999870032

Email ID:

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Hello :

It is so very uplifting to read posts like yours ! I'm so happy that you want to share the information regarding the homeopathic treatments that you have used.

I will send you an email to your private address in a few minutes.

Thank you so much and God bless!


Hello Vikas,

Very good news and good to hear that you are interested in sharing your experience. Perhaps you could tell us something about the Homeopathic medicines that you have been taking together with the dosage and I will try and obtain these here (London).

Best Wishes.



Hi Rafiq,

I am living in Delhi Ncr, India. Near my house there is an homeopathic doctor...he has given me the homeopathic medicine...I don't know the medicine name....right now I am not taking any homeopathic doctor is saying that u r fine now.

Let me talk to my homeopathic doctor first. Then I will ping you the medicine name.


Vikas kakkar


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Thank you very much Vikas.



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