ITP for Papaya Leaves

I am suffering from ITP one year.Doctor said its a chronic itp. Last july 2015 I went to chennai appolo Hospital India. Doctor prescribed me prednison 30 mg one week and gradually reduce 5mg per week.When i took 15 mg my platelet 58 .I was very much cocern about low platelet. My wife searched internet and told me to take Papaya leaves juice,now regularly taking papaya leaves juice and my platelet count increase 178.

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  • Excellent,please can you advice if you have juice everyday and if so how many times a day and in what quantity.Good wishes to you and hope you stay well and fit

  • Sorry delay replying. I take morning 25ml with 2 table spoon pure honey and 25ml before dinner. I also taking carrot juice, pamegranate juice,beet root etc. Thank you .

  • Hello there,

    Excellent news. Could you please let us know how you get papaya leaf juice, the preparations and the dosage. Thanks.


  • I live in dhaka. In dhaka no hard to collect papaya leaves. One papaya leave blend with water-its quantity 50 or 60 ml. I blend in the morning then take 25ml.with 2 or 3 spoon honey and next same dose before dinner.



  • Thank you very much for this information Pulak. I will try and get myself some papaya leaves.

    Best Wishes.


  • Hi,thats good to read,can you please advice how much quantity you have and how many times a day.Is there anything else that might have helped up your count.

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