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Platlet count improving

I have a hemotologist who is a negative nancy. She was ready to start me on prednisone , telling me I couldn't travel,

Wanted me to have a shot that stops menstral cycle and prescribed an anti anxiety drug and told me to stop taking Calms Forte a homeopathic product I get at CVS when I get amped up.

I went to Barcelona and Boston anyway, never took the Ativan never got the shot but DID go see an Acupuncturist and took Chinese medicine.

Platelets are up to 50. (They had dropped to 30)

Her response was don't get your hopes up. I don't think Acupuncture is good for treating this.

I think I should get another hemotologist.

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I've had ITP for 20 years, with only 3 very short bursts of prednisone in that time, the longest being three weeks in 1996, for wisdom teeth removal. My counts have slowly lowered and now run between 20-40.

My menstrual cycle is as it is; have not needed anti anxiety drugs, but chocolate helps and mugs of tea; I used to do a 60 hour week when I was a teacher, and have never been told not to travel. I went to Oman this year.

In both the UK and Belgium they leave me alone unless I feel there is a problem. Indeed in Belgium, they won't treat me unless I am bruised all over, platelets are 10k or less, and I am bleeding out! In the UK, they were keeping an eye, but happy to not treat as I've had it for so long without treatment.

The count, as Sailor who posts here will also tell you, is just a number. It's how you feel in yourself that is important. I can feel great on 19 and lousy on 35.


I had tooth pulled yesterday without incident. My mouth hurts this morning but nothing horrible. The bleeding wasn't too bad. I have antibiotics and gauze for my mouth.

We'll see how today goes!


I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed in hospital in 1996, when if your platelets were under 100 there was panic. How things change! I had to have platelets above 150 for the g.a.


My only concern is I had an infection in my tooth. My dentist should have given me antibiotic first and then pulled tooth. but I am on antibiotic now... hopefully it will be fine!


That is so great. GOOD FOR YOU! I have been following Chinese Meds and Accupuncture regiments for years with some success

Do you know the ingredients of your Chinese formula?

Do you know which accupuncture points they focused on?

My doctor was quick to prescribe Pedisone and Immunoglobulin transfusions. I refused too.



My platelets went from 7 to 141 I had to beg my heamoligist to reduce my prednisone as it makes me so dizzy, was on 80mgs now taking 40mgs. Roll on 7th sep for next blood txt then hopefully I get good news and can come off meds.

you not taking any medication, what's your platelet count?



Not taking any steroids or other western meds.

Platelets at 50. Bruising is gone too. 😀


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