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Do you experienced high platlet with itp?

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Guys can i know someone diagnosed with itp had this high platlets..somehow your platlets 400k or more.. yes i know this is quite weird that most itp patient has low platlets.. im itp patient but there is one time that my platlets were high and after that my platlet were back to low... again.. someone please or am i alone.😔

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I have experienced 250k then drop back to below 10k. I have been trying to find out what the factors were that caused this drastic change. Stress? Diet? a drug prescribed for an alleged unrelated reason. Any of the factors mentioned could be the reason. What have you done that is different from your usual routine or diet?

my platelets were 137 000 then I went into surgery to remove kidney stones. Dr. gave me a bag of platelets as a back up. After surgery my platelets went up to 434,000. Now waiting to check blood count next month January 2019.

Have you been diagnosed with ITP, what treatment regime were you given, what is your platelet count range, are your counts auto machine or manual? Manual vary by labs and technicians, UIC manual counts are 3-5 times that of auto; a count 22K in the ER became 115K when repeated by lab manually. Normal platelet count=150-450 thousand so 434K is great but I’m surprised your doctor is willing to wait 4 weeks post-op for a repeat count.

I receive weekly counts and Nplate injections to maintain platelets between 30-80 thousand will drop as low as 9-20K with illness, depression, and increased stress. I was started on Nplate in 2010 and had a count 100K three times in the past 8 years. Hopefully you will maintain your 434K platelet count.

Be well:)

No.. your platlets is very normal.. nothing to worry about.. 100k, 400k that is great.. people who suffered with itp usually.. lower than 100k.. 10k-90k.. it's rarely for us.. to achieve that platlets counts.. 400k wow.. did your doctor diagnosed you with itp.. sorry for asking..

Hi Manchopot

I was on 78k and then had an ear infection which took me to over 200k. Other itp patients have experienced this strange change. It is thought that our immune system is busy fighting the infection and leaves the platelets alone.

Perhaps you have experienced a similar situation but it is best to discuss these things with your Doctor.

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Yeah, it's hard for me to achieve that platlets.. again that was 4 years ago.. and.. my platlet still the same 10k-90.. i rarely get 100k above.. i try everything to increase.. my platlets and im looking forward.. never giving up

The only thing that has caused my sons platelets to suddenly rise was when he was fighting a virus there for his body concentrates on fighting infection rather than his platelets, as soon as virus was gone platelets dropped back to his usual around 20.

I've been on Eltrombopag for a while know which keeps my platelets around 50k. However I recently required surgery and I was given IVIG together with Eltrombopag which raised my platelets to to 450k somehow. I am down to 293k now but that's still great so we'll see what happens

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