Tapering prednesone

I'm currently on 15mg of prednesone. I'm really wanting to be done with this drug. I'm wondering what tapering schedule other people have followed. I am listening to my hemotologist but I would like more info on how tapering went for others....

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  • I HATED being on Prednisone, so you have my sympathy. I started out on 90 mg, and it took about four months or so to taper off it. Like you, I could hardly wait to be done with that horror. I don't remember most of that time, but I got tapered off about five mg a week until the last couple weeks when I think it was every four days. I do remember feeling as if I was poisoning myself every time I took a dose. I know others do well on it, and I am glad for the ones who tolerate it, but even my hematologist says he'll not be putting me on that medicine again.

  • The slower the better. I’ve had to taper twice. First time was too fast so my platelets dropped a lot. So back on prednisone again. There will be side effects when you come off to. I live with no meds at a platelet count of 25-30.

    Have patience and just keep the thoughts. Just a little bit more.

  • Wjoyful is right. As I understand it, tapering off allows your adrenal gland to start functioning properly again. Prednisone is a shock to the system, both coming and going. But you'll get there!

  • Happy new year to you all.

    I am in the same boat as you at the moment. I am currently on an alternating day of 20mg and then 15mg until tomorrow when I am on 15mg for 2 weeks and then back for bloods on the 16th.

    When I spoke with the consultant he too said that the lower the dose gets the slower the taper, so I know how you are feeling as all the energy and good feelings I had with the higher doses is not there anymore.

    He also said that from the point we are at it will take at least 3 months or even longer to get completely off them.

    I don't mind taking the Pred if it works and puts me in remission for a while, but if it doesn't last I won't be too happy.


  • Hi, I was on 85mg daily when I dropped to 4 in July. Now on small dose of NPlate/Romiplostim fortnightly and 25mg daily and planned to drop top zero over 5 weeks, hope this helps

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