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Does your platelet count affect your emotions?

I've noticed when my count drops below about 30 I start to get much more easily stressed and anxious about little things that wouldn't normally bother me so much? Does anybody else have a similar experience? My counts have been slowly dropping over the last few months, currently somewhere around 10 and just started on Romiplostin and I seem to be constantly over-reacting to things.

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Yes I am also like that which helps sometimes actually, because when I feel like this I kind of know that my platelets are low so I take myself to the doctors. I also become shaky and anxious, like when you have too much coffee and you get the shakes!!! lol.

For me, when I'm stressed for a while and also lack of sleep drops my platelet count, don't know if it's the same for some people here.


Immy, that's interesting, I've also suspected both stress and lack of sleep drops my count and it definitely makes me feel much worse than it would have pre ITP. The shaking like you've drunk too much coffee is familiar too, although that's a recent development for me.

I have to frequently remind myself not to overreact when my Platelets are low, has anyone got any useful tactics to help with this?


Not unless you count frustration at not being able to do things because of weakness and exhaustion. I try to chill at home and avoid people until I feel better but its not easy when you have to work.


The best article I have read and find useful as to many of the questions asked on this forum recently, and which puts itp into the perspective we sometime forget through worry ,depression and being scared is on the PDAs website.

Go to,

Next at the top of the home pape, click on join the community and click on discussing groups (free to join

In the topic frequently asked questions click on excellent advise pinned as a stiky note in red by Sandi ,the moderator. It is by Gort an itp sufferer of over 40 years. It always puts things back into perspective fir me. Derek


I always know when my platelets drop because I get depressed (rather than anxious), with accompanying low energy and poor sleep.


One of my first signs are I start yawning constantly for about an hour really tired feel as if I could fall asleep standing up then it passes till the next day goes on till my count goes up again


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