Diagnosed as itp since 2 years, plz help me

Hi every body, I'm 27 years lady from jordan diagnosed as itp in dec,2011. I received cortisone for one year between iv and tablet, mabthera, and mabthera and there is no any improvement, with a lot of admission because of the vaginal bleeding and heavy period this year they started for me n-plate one inj weekly, first week there was little improvement again dropped less 10k. So they increase the dose for 2 inj.weekly .but the platelet number still unstable, (60-2) k. Plz any body can help me l sufferd a lot from the admission since My body responded only for ivig, since mostly I refused the admission unless if there is heavy vaginal bleeding as always my platlet mostly under 10 -2k. but always I'm afraid from intracranial bleeding. Since ivig will work only for 6weeks, then again will decrease. In this Sunday it reach 3k.my hemo want to admitted my but I refused as there is only gum bleeding. Because again it will drop.plz any body have any information can help me about the management of the heavy period and youe expirences with the heavy period,as l don't want to be admitted. Any diet, medication. Can help it increase platlet.thank you and sorry as my English is weak.

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  • I am not sure that what has been suggested by Kuttichan is a recognised medication for helping platelets to increase. I do remember many on this site have tried it without success. You sound as if you are desperate. My advice would be to re-visit your doctor to obtain prescribed medication. Of course try papaya leaf extract by all means but let your doctor know. I wish you well.

  • Hello Malaak there is absolutely NO scientific or medical evidence to suggest that taking papaya leaf extract increases the platelet count. There has been NO scientific or medical research at all into papaya leaf extract and the impact it may have on the platelet count. The BEST advice is to make sure that you discuss your situation in full with your specialist before taking ANYTHING at all like papaya leaf extract, or any other herbal or alternative remedy or any medication. Have you tried Prednisolone or Azathioprine? Have you discussed having your spleen removed ? A useful link for you is the following which is the most recent International Consensus Report on diagnosing and treating ITP. You may wish to download it and share it with your specialist as it has been drawn up by the leading ITP specialists world wide.... itpsupport.org.uk/consensus...

  • Thank for all replies, I tried myfortic for four months which simmler to Azathioprine in also I tried predinslon for one year without any improvement only I suffered from the bad side effect , in Jordan there is no consultant specialist in itp and iam suffering a lot from the vaginal bleeding, I want to now always the peroid for the girl with itp heavy and there is medication decrease the bleeding without admission, as I always refused admition unless if there heavy bleeding, and it safe to stay at home with low platelt count. What I can do I can't be at hospital for all the year.

  • Any suggestion I will discussed with my doctor,thanks for all of you, Iam always reading your stories and praying for you.

  • Thanks mags4743 ,what that medication that mentioned by kuttichan. You have any information about it

  • Hi Malaak I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties.It can be hard to find a solution to increasing the platelet count I wonder if you have been told about Tranexamic Acid It is a medication often prescribed to young women with heavy periods I am a male and it was prescribed to me by my consultant to help with nose and gum bleeding. I suggest you ask your doctor. In this country (England) it can be purchased without prescription from the chemist. It is better to get it prescribed by your doctor however so that all meds that you take are on your records. Hope this is helpful good luck.

  • Hi mallak did you try primolut-N(norethisterone).try this will work for you. Twice a day.

  • Thanks wolverhampton and sun-12 I tried the tranexamic acid and primolut-n without effect as the bleeding to much heavy, may be I have another problem ( gyne problem) thanks

  • Last week I admitted because of chest infection at that time my platelt was 5, so I had iv antibiotic and ivig for 4days. As this time the second chest infection. There is any relation between chest infection and itp?

  • Did u try primoult -n for bleeding try this tab twice a day will help you .

  • Hi sun, I tried with little benefit as the bleeding heavy

  • Hi Malaak, Normally, Women having ITP facing heavy bleeding as my wife also suffering the same. Two years back ITP started her when she was conceived on a second time, After delivery Her platelet normally ranges between 2 to 10 K only and HB is around 6 t 7 due to heavy cycle. But she was not hospitalized for the last two years. Doctor prescribed to take Predni and azathioprine with Tranexamic tab during periods and whenever she bleeds, Medicine were on and off sometimes. facing gum bleeding, nose bleeding, ear bleeding occasionally if she not take medicine some days. Her doctor handle this case without hospitalization. Now Doctor given option for rituximab treatment if it gets worsened which we will try. Doctor always encourage her moral, how to fight to ITP, facing challenge rather than only dependent on medicine. By the will of ours we can move mountain... Surely you will beat ITP soon..... May God strengthen your heart.

  • Check out these suggestions....also check the lifestyle suggestions


    Good luck. Don't panic by all means


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