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3 year old diagnosed with ITP


Hi, this is all so new to me. I suppose I am joining this group to hopefully get a further understanding of this blood disorder.

My husband and I noticed lots of bruising and red blood spots on Tuesday, A&E admitted him and tests were carried out. The results scoring 13. We had never heard of this before and was given information to help us try understand, The following morning we were discharged from hospital and further blood tests are to be carried out in our home on Monday.

After researching it has become very clear that my son only scoring 13 is worryingly low, I feel like I am on egg shells watching him play as he is a typically boisterous 3 year old boy that seems completely healthy in every other way .

Is it likely for the blood tests to change by Monday? Could they have dropped lower?

Any information will be greatly appreciated, Thank you x

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Lynsey, please do have a look at our website, especially the section on ITP in children. The article is written by one of the leading specialists in childhood ITP. The platelet count in all of us varies all the time so it is lkely that when your son has a follow up blood test on Monday it will probably give a different platelet count to the one he had earlier in the week. It could well be that his count goes up but equally of course it could go down there is no way to predict. With children ITP often comes along quite suddenly and equally it has a habit of clearing itself up just as suddenly. We don't really know why people (me included I got it aged 46) develop ITP. But it can sometimes come following a cold, flu, infection, virus or even a response to a vaccination. Because in most cases of childhood ITP they tend to get over it quite quickly many doctors/specialists tend not to give any drugs/treatment unless absolutely needed. This is because the side effects of many of the drugs can sometimes be difficult so they will try to avoid prescribing anything if at all possible. What they will do is watch out for your sons symptoms, so obviously do look out for anything like bruises, bleeding from the nose, bleeding from the gums, blood in the urine or stools even blood spots in the eyes. Also other things to watch out for are any knocks he might get especially to the head, and do keep an eye on him generally as obviously you'd want to avoid him getting any bangs, cuts. Fully appreciate it's difficult to keep children from being active but just try to avoid anything too boisterous at last for a while. The link to the article is ....... itpsupport.org.uk/childhood...

Hope this helps. Best wishes to you all.

Thank you very much.... I have bought a protective head guard for when out exploring and will come in handy I'm sure for the school playground, not sure if being overly protective but our son is very accident prone and if we can help eliminate and bumps we are definitely going to try our best. I suppose we will see what Monday results are and go from there.

Many Thanks for all your information x

Hi Lynsey - we are in the same position so can completely relate to your worries and concerns. We are in week 4 with our 12 year old daughter, with platelets hovering between 10 and 19.

This site is really helpful and members gave been quick to respond to the many questions I have had.

Thinking of you and your family whilst together we all get our heads round what this means for our gorgeous (and as you rightly say - fit and healthy in every other way) children x

A very worrying time for us both. It must be very difficult for your daughter being that age and having an understanding of what is happening, I suppose we are lucky in the fact our son is oblivious. My thoughts are with you and your family x

Hi just wondering how your son is doing? My little boy (4) has just been diagnosed with a count of 4. We get our second bloods done a week today hoping for a rise not a fall.

Hi... Thank you for asking. I hope your boy is on the up also. We had bloods a week after and they had gone from 13 upto 41. The consultant rang and cancelled further blood tests until a further 7weeks away as hoping he will be upto full count by then. We are waiting very anxiously as had regular bruises and petechiae (blood spots) but consultant quite happy to wait and see. Our boy is completely fine in himself, although seems to have lost his appetite slightly since it all started, may be coincidence!! X


Hi how's your son doing now? Hope all went fine x

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