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First step- God's Blessing

I am Cycling with this IVF Process, seeking with a progress of Eggs injected and their fertilisation. Isn't It Shocking to see your Eggs Progress outside the womb? My stimming was going till 15 days although I end up at last. It's Necessary to have a healthy pregnancy chance with more fertilised eggs.

So they treated me that way. Happy feeling everywhere because I was living my dream come true of being the parent of my own child. God has really blessed me on that day

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Congrats dear ....... Good to read another success story of an IVF treatment . as one of my friend also going through this process and now she blessed with a baby girl ..... IVF is a one solution for all of the problems like :-

Problems with ovulation or egg quality

Blocked fallopian tubes


If your partner has problems with sperm count or motility

Or if you're using donor eggs to become pregnant.

Well trupti enjoy the gorgeous period of your life . Good Luck dear!!!!!


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