Thinking of surrogacy!!

I am here on this forum to gain some idea about surrogacy. I am medically unfit to carry a baby in my womb. Though I have fertile and healthy egg but due to some complications, I have been advised not to be pregnant. In hope of some help from the people out here on this forum. Need to know as much as can before i could move forward. I would be interested to know if the surrogacy can be held with my husbands sperm and my eggs. Desperate to get answers to my queries.

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  • Hi, first of all sorry to hear about your situation. Also glad that you have decided on your next steps and are clear about what you want. Yes there are quite a few options available for surrogacy. I'm grateful there are places and people who can help us with our problem. Our daughter was born in February this year. We love her so much! I didn't carry her but this fact changes nothing.

    We used the clinic, which is called BioTexCom in Kiev. I should say that neither our program coordinator, nor our doctor made us to wait for too long. When we contacted the clinic for the first time, response was fast, answers to our questions were clear and we got all info we needed. In 3 months after our first visit our program coordinator contacted us and told us that they found surrogate mother for us. The service was on a good level. Speaking about price the clinic has packages. You can choose the one which suits you the most. The prices are very cheap compared to USA, UK, or Greece. Do let me know if you have any questions for me. Good luck and I wish you the best.

  • Do you have any negatives for undergoing ivf? If no, you can use it as well as your husband's sperm. They just put your embryos to other woman's womb and Bob's your uncle haha

    But if to speak about real things you have to have all prescriptions for doing surrogacy. You have to have no negatives for stimulation and your husband's healthy should be good. Cause as far as I know some clinic's abroad need genetic relation to the baby, I mean only father has to have this relation. (just in case you will decide to go abroad)

    well, have you alredy done any tests?

  • So sorry for what you are going through, perfectly understand as I too am going through the similar trouble. I recommend you see a fertility specialist for a proper diagnosis to start with. Have you discussed the possibility of fertility treatment at a clinic specializing in problems such as this? It might be worthwhile for you to explore the option, therefore, might need to discuss it with your husband. Gives you something to hold on to should all else fail to work out.

    I wish you well and sincerely feel your pain. My husband and I have been trying for a baby 8 years now and finally decided to visit a clinic that offers services for women with low AMH which is what am suffering from. I really hope it finally goes well for us. It took a while for me to convince my husband as he's the conservative kind but am glad he's finally bowed to the pressure and agreed to go with me in this.

    From my experience, I understand how difficult it can be dealing with judgemental people all around. Glad that we both understand we are in this together and have to face the world as a united front. Speak to your husband regarding seeking help in a specialist clinic and then explore the options they have for you. I hope we can compare notes soon enough, even better get our bundle of joy soon enough.

  • Hi AmaraHyat I read your post .... And i feel very sad to know about your medical condition that you are unfit for pregnancy . Dear never loose your hope as you take a right decision of surrogacy . I am going to discuss about surrogacy which will definitely help you to get a solution of your problem.

    Surrogacy, otherwise called gestational care, is a family building choice for the individuals who need a kid with hereditary ties and have not had accomplishment with other "first-line" assisted reproductive technology (ART) medicines. Surrogacy, in which a lady conveys and brings forth another lady's infant, has a long history


    Conventional Surrogates and Gestational Surrogates

    There are two sorts of surrogacy — conventional and gestational — that are rehearsed today.

    In conventional surrogacy, a lady, called a "surrogate mother," conveys a developing life that was made with her own egg and the sperm of a man who, with his accomplice, needs an infant. Customary surrogacy can be expert either by intrauterine insemination (IUI) or by in vitro treatment (IVF).

    In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate, called a gestational transporter, brings forth a child made with an egg and sperm from the "planned guardians," or the developing life can be made from a contributor egg or benefactor sperm. The lion's share of surrogates today are gestational transporters.

    With gestational surrogacy, IVF is utilized to prepare the eggs in a research center. In the event that the preparation is effective, a fruitfulness specialist exchanges a few or the majority of the subsequent developing lives (regularly a few) into to the surrogate's uterus. In the event that all goes well, the gestational transporter conveys the child and instantly gives up him or her to the parent(s).

    IVF, which came into training in 1978, changed surrogacy into a famous practice today.

    Hope it will help you!!!!

  • Hi dear .......... sad to know about your story but it is not the end . you have many options and surrogacy is one of them . As it is the modern way to get your own baby . There are several fertility center who provide this facility Go and consult the expert .

    You just need an appropriate person who understand your problem and ready to help you

    Good Luck!!!!

  • Hello, yes of course, you can use your eggs and your husband's sperm. Usually people use sperm or donor eggs if you have any prerequisites for this. In order for everything to go well, you will need to find a surrogate mother. She must be healthy and she must have her children. I would advise you to look for an unmarried or divorced surrogate mother. Usually married couples are looking for a surrogate mother in the clinics of reproductive medicine. I would not recommend that you look for a surrogate mother on the Internet. Many married couples ask their relatives to become a surrogate mother. But this is very wrong. Yes, it will turn out cheaper, as well as a way out for those families who live in countries where commercial surrogate motherhood is prohibited. But doctors are skeptical about this. In my opinion, this is a violation of subordination. You will always see your cousin, communicate with her. And she will communicate with your child. In addition, you can not keep it a secret. Most likely your child will know how he was born. Of course, the surrogate motherhood is now quite popular. But all the same it is necessary to carefully approach the choice of a doctor, a surrogate mother. Because this will depend on the next year of your life. You do not have to live with a surrogate mother. Usually she remains at home, and the clinic monitors her condition. Usually, the clinic watches how the surrogate mother observes all the recommendations and visits the clinic. Usually, after giving birth to a child, they do not show him a surrogate mother. She signs the necessary documents and receives a monetary reward. This is the end of your communication with her. You'd better change your phone number, accounts in social networks. Although, they rarely want to continue to communicate with the child. But it can be done, in order to insure themselves from her attention. Also in the beginning you will need to legalize the contract with the surrogate mother. The most important aspects of your cooperation should be described there. And it is also important to describe the duties and rights of the parties.

  • Hello AmaraHyat,

    Because of my uterus, I don’t have even 1% possibility to conceive a baby, But we (me & my hubby) didn’t give up. It is a big tragedy of my life that I couldn’t bear my child, touch my belly and feel the kicks, care my baby… But Today because of Happy Family Surrogacy and IVF consulting I am happy mom, I have amazing healthy active daughter, we are really very happy. So, girls, be brave and fight for your happiness!! Thanks for surrogacyinfo, and I am very satisfied with final result! I am a mom of healthy active daughter. They treated well and also got accommodation, food supply, transportation in Kyiv and the most important unlimited attempts! All of it I received without help of agency which offers it for extra fees. I have dual impressions if talking about service. More and more infertile couples find happiness in surrogacyinfo. They are really good, just need to correct some organization things and they will be the best. Try this & you will get definitely good results.

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