God's gift

Hi everyone!

I am not sure it is ok to write like that…. It is so personally. But I really want someone to give me a piece of advice.

A little about the background.

Some time ago I was pretty happy. I just got married, I was successful at my work. And my friends always supported me. But I haven't realized my happiness. Only now, I see what I have lost.

We were considered to be a nice couple. We travelled a lot and had a lot of things in common. But we began feeling that we were lacking of something important. We were lacking of kids. Gradually my husband started becoming distant to me. I was aware it was due to not having kids. I had checked up myself and I was shocked. My diagnosis was called resistant ovarian syndrome. I have received therapy of estrogens. Despite this treatment I still haven't been able to get pregnant. My husband lost his temper. Our relationship has been broken up. Nowadays I am depressed.

I believe that the baby is some gift from God and we should be deserved this. It goes I have not deserved This Grace.

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  • Don't be so down in the dumps! Difficulties in life are intended to make us better not bitter. Your husband had better be more attentive and tender towards you. I had similar problem. But the kind people gave me the good tip. I was checked up myself in special clinic where they advised me the way to have baby. It was right way to my main goal, you know. I will tell you somehow.

  • Thanks you for these words. I feel I really should make a difference in my life. But I am not strong enough. I am not sure what to do. What I am pretty sure is that I desperately wanna have a child, see his smile, hear his laugh… I would do everything to achieve that with my husband or without him!

  • There are a lots of way to have baby. If your husband loves you, he will agree to find the special clinic where you can consider one of the ways of artificial insemination.

  • I have to say that I would like to get to know this way of giving a birth. I have heard about artificial insemination but in my case it is more complicated. My physician has said I perhaps need a donor. I really have tried to find... However there are so many aspects in this case... I am not sure. It should be the clinic, which I could trust. Besides, they should guarantee result.

  • I would recommend you the clinic where we found all what we wanted. At first there was the great service. I mean not only medical service but also accommodation, meal. You won't believe but I was offered my favorite dishes that were even more delicious than I had cooked at home! And of course we were undergoing the special medical check-up and treatment. I had passed through a lot... But the end was wonderful. I was awarded with baby!

  • Could you say more detail. Why did you chose this clinic?

  • It is not easy to return to these memories. But I will do that.

    You know It turned out I have the tubal obstruction. In addition - mitral valve insufficiency At first my husband stood by me. Then when the doctor said I wouldn't be able to give born, he lost his temper… We were about to break up. Fortunately, I met my friend. She told me she had been some disease, something like ovarian failure. She found the clinic where she got the egg donation. And now she has got the healthy baby. I left to go to this clinic. Now I have my baby, my husband. I have a happy family!

  • I would like you to elaborate to what exactly you did and where. You see, I have resistant ovarian syndrome, some kind of ovarian failure that your friend had. I hope they may help me too.

  • I will do it with pleasure!

    It is in Ukraine. After properly medical examination we were advised to choose program for surrogacy. We chose that one with some pediatrician services offered. I must say I didn't expect that this clinic would have had such a modern equipment. We even got the PGD service to make sure that embryos were healthy! It took us a couple of years but now we have a cute babe girl! We are the happiest family in the world an endlessly grateful the God's gift!

    You definitely should go there, undergo the medical examinations and choose one of the programs recommended by the doctor. They are offering programs both for surrogacy and for egg donation. They guarantee the success written in the contract. I believe you will be grateful mother!

    You might be surprised I am so persistent by saying you about this clinic. I just want you not to waste your time or money. It is better to devote your time and care to the coming baby. One more reason. I believe in God even stronger. My baby girl is His award for my efforts.

  • All of these look great! I can only imagine how endlessly happy you are! But what about legislation? Are these procedures legal?

  • This is the crux of the matter! All these are absolutely legal! That was one of the reasons we had chosen this country.

    You really stand a chance of being happy!

    We are so happy and wish other people will be too!

  • Hello Komia , I read your post and i just want to say that no one is perfect in this world . each and every person have some plus points and minus points too . its totally depend on us that how we deal with a situation . And i also have a solution of your problem you know that IVM utilizing their own particular oocytes could be an accessible treatment for barren ladies with ROS , discuss this with your consultant , he or4 she will definitely guide you . Good Luck dear!!!

  • Hi Jessica!

    Unfortunately, in my case it is impossible to restore normal ovulation. IVM isn’t for me.

    Nevertheless, I appreciate your response. Frankly, I hoped to apply IVM after reading your post. I learned some information. I discussed that point with my physician. He told me it is impossible.

    I agree that all of us aren't impeccable. We should be more patient and thoughtful. You know, it is said - don't let your anger stop you from thinking. I will try my best. But your feedback is important!

  • Hi there!

    You know things are not always, what we believe them to be. Someone seems to be perfect, lovely... but it appeared him to be pitiable and cowardly. I think the best way is to believe God and rely on your own forces and ability.

    Oh, it is hard to be disappointed in someone who seemed to be your soulmate... I suppose that you must have some anticipate, some perception, whether it is possible to justify his behavior. Then you could struggle together for the sake of your coming baby.

    It is you, Kamia, who need to make a decision!

    In any way, there is the country with great clinic, which I have already recommended you, dear.

  • Hi girls! I'm very interested in this topic. I have the same problem as Komia. For a long time I can’t get pregnant. Many different procedures were completed and no result was achieved. I drank pills three or four months. Then again. And time quickly goes away. I did not want to lose it on incomprehensible diagnoses. Then I was just afraid to get into a place where the doctors need only my money. I wanted to find really professionals. So we are ripe to the planning center. I searched for a long time, until my friend advised one Ukrainian clinic. I was really surprised with its service. Besides after so many procedures we had lack of money. So its price policy is quite good for us. So we were very happy to get one more opportunity to have our own baby. We’ve chosen surrogate mother already and waiting for September transferring. Keep in touch! Hoping for better!

  • I went thorugh the post and comments and cant agree more with every word said. I just wanted to tell you that in this kind of cases, you need to stay together. Your husband should understand that you feel even worse than he does. That you are the one that needs constant support and the person to cheer you always up. It is hard to accept things like this and its hard to fight them. But it becomes much easier when you have the support of your husband and family. Tell him not to be that selfish and ask him to show you the REAl love, staying with you no matter what, trying to find the ways out. Good luck!

  • Hello. I'm sorry to hear that. You'll be amazed to see how much information is shared here. You don't think your story was too personal after that. However, coming back to your issue. Children can really help glue a couple together. It is sad when seemingly couples fall out over infertility. Hang in there.

  • Hello There. Stand like an optimist. Don’t lose hope whatever the situation is. Don’t fear from these difficult roads they often lead to beautiful destiny. Am not happy with your husband behavior he must have to stand with you in any case. Just don’t worry now there are many modern techniques through which you can have a baby. Just start a proper treatment in any reputable clinic they will give you many options.

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