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Thank you for all your support. My partner, Andrew, is still critically ill. After being told that his chances of survival are slim it’s been soul destroying. His oxygen level has been reduced from 70% to 60%. His bilirubin levels have dropped since admittance and he has remained stable for the past few days. Nurse told me that the dialysis would not make a difference to these levels. They did reduce the sedation to see for a response and he bit the tube. He is still in dialysis. His liver has neither deteriorated or improved since being admitted. It’s a constant struggle to remain positive, hopeful, praying all the time, and to expect the worse and attempting to move forward to a degree for the sake of my son. Andrew is fighting hard to stay with us but it’s the unknown that is destroying me 😢😢😢😢

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Stable is a good thing. Let’s hope he starts to improve soon.

Yes I agree with @Sepsur. Stable in ICU is a good thing.

Hi HeartBroken I said a prayer for Andrew and I'm happy he is still here.

My dad Barry is still fighting hard too.

After a week of gut wrenching stuff. He's still here. Still mostly stable and still fighting.

I've tried to resolve myself to not letting the Drs and nurses gas light me about his condition.

I've grown to realize after a month and a half they have a psychology.

Be strong for Andrew. Keep demanding the best care and don't let them exaggerate things. The things you wrote sound positive and heading the right direction.

The doctors have said that they are switching off the dialysis to see if it will reboot his kidneys. There is only a slim chance that it will work. Family members are going in to say goodbye to him. I know he is not coming home. I saw him yesterday and his colour has changed so I know the end is near. I’m heartbroken 😭

I’m so sorry for what you are going through. I’m not sure why they are trying to reboot his kidneys when he is so critical, the kidneys are usually the last to recover as a patient recovers. My husband had acute kidney failure when in ICU and his kidneys never worked but recovered afterwards to 15%. It’s low but high enough that he doesn’t at the moment need dialysis. Question whether they need to be doing that right now. I don’t know much about liver disease though to know whether the liver can recover. Thinking of you xx

His liver is nearly all destroyed and it’s attacking the other organs now. It’s just a waiting game now

Just gutted for you 💔

If he is biting on the tube when they reduce the sedation and they are trying to reboot his kidneys that’s all positive. I do hope your Andrew gets better

Sending you love and best wishes. ❤️

Everything crossed for your Andrew. Stay strong

Heartbroken for you xx

Sending you strength and hope x

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