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Covid 19 Doc want to put a Tracheostomy ?


My father has been stable, but the Doc are talking of putting Tracheostomy, please can you help is this a good or bad?

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Hey my dad had one on Friday. I would see it as a postive as it means they think he is weanable. It's more comfortable for your dad too when they start weaning him off sedation x

I would see this as a really positive - it’s part of the pathway to ween someone off intubation & eventually off ventilation - trachy then CPAP is what happened to me.

Rgsable in reply to Sepsur

Hi what is CPAP?

Sepsur in reply to Rgsable

Because my chest muscles were so weak & wasted ( you don’t realise how many muscles you need to breath even) - drawing in deep breath and expelling deep breath was near impossible - I’d shallow breathe which isn’t good for CO2 levels in blood. CPAP helps you breathe by pressurising lungs

See Wikipedia

I’m pretty sure I then moved onto PEEP😁

Rgsable in reply to Sepsur

Thank you so much I will have a look at the link x

It is definitely a positive thing! Its a lot more comfortable for the patients and it allows them to be weaned off the ventilator as they reduce the sedation and they wake up.

My dad had a trachy about 2 weeks ago and he's awake now and they are trialling him off the ventilator today

Please see it as a positive, it is easier to wean them off the ventilator . My husband had it done about 10 days ago . It was much more comfortable for him, when they tried the sedation holds before the trachy he was getting very anxious and distressed .

I had one inserted and it was so beneifical to my recovery.


Have they put the tracheostomy and how is your dad doing?

Update on Dad: he’s had the trach done this afternoon. It all went well... his oxygen levels have dropped to 40-45% now there going to start waking him up and the infection in the body has gone down. He’s had no fever for a couple of days now. So fingers crossed we are heading in the right direction. 🙏🏻

Marcita in reply to avnipiro

Sounds like you had a good day today!

Rgsable in reply to avnipiro

I am happy to hear that your dad is making progress 😀👏👏

Thank you just hope and pray he will continue to recover just need him to breath on his own and the lungs to work

RockRunner in reply to avnipiro

That’s really positive! Tracheotomy gives them more time to recover and it’s more comfortable for them as they can have less sedation and be more awake. Don’t disheartened if they weaning takes a long time. My husband’s trachy was two weeks ago and they have said he will be on a ventilator for many more weeks as his lungs were so damaged from CoVid. They have to increase the amount of time they can breathe comfortably on lower settings, for some it can take days, for others weeks depending on how bad the lungs are and how long they need to repair. X

avnipiro in reply to RockRunner

Thank you, my dad lungs are critical still so hopefully they will recover. How are you?

HopefulA in reply to avnipiro

How is dad today? X

avnipiro in reply to HopefulA


He is still stable and in light sedation, they havent started to wean him of the ventilator .

We manage to video call.amd he open his eyes for few moments.

Thank you

Hope you and the family are well?

HopefulA in reply to avnipiro

Pleased to hear he is stable, we are ok just praying for dad to recover soon and hoping the same for all the other family members in the same boat x

It’s good good good - it means they are trying to start weaning him off ventilation - they believe he is fit enough to tolerate breathing on his own soon 💪💪💪😀

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