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Covid-19 - A little hope!


Hi all,

I’ve been on here loads the last few weeks and everyone has been so supportive and helpful. Today after almost 3 weeks of small ups and very very big downs, my Dad is awake and off the ventilator 🙏🏻

From us being told to prepare 1 person to come in and say goodbye, issues with blood pressure, heart, kidneys and potentially brain he is now coming out the other side. I can’t even believe it. They sent us a photo today and he looks like he has been to war but won.

Just giving you all some hope. I know ICU is sooo difficult especially just now with no visiting etc but these guys really do know what they are doing. Angels on earth!


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That is absolutely fantastic news I’m so pleased for you and your dad and your family! I agree the doctors and nurses are amazing, so brilliant at what they do. Wishing your dad a speedy recovery xx


Wonderful news. Thank you for sharing that. It's so heart-warming and gives hope to others.

Congratulations! These are great news. I'm very happy for you and your family.

I'm facing the same and hoping to celebrate my mom's leaving the ICU too.

Fantastic news

Absolutely amazing news. Gives all of us so much hope. Xxx

Wow, what brilliant news, you must feel such relief. I dare say there is a long road to full recovery but how wonderful to hear this. Totally agree that the medical staff are angels that walk among us. Wishing you and your family all the very best


I am so happy 😁👏👏. Thank you for all your support during this difficult time. Xx

OMG! That's so incredible.. I am so happy to hear this.. you give us all so much hope.. do you think the trial drug helped ? If you dont mind asking is your Dad in the Oxford hospital? I am asking to know whether I could request enrolling my Dad to similar trial xxx

I’m almost certain the drug trial helped. It is totally randomised though so no control over what option you get. He was chosen for the corticosteroid and I fully believe that’s what helped him turn the corner. The doctors are in disbelief At the difference in him since Monday which is when it started. We’re not in Oxford no we were just lucky our hospital was enrolled on the trial programme xx

That's so lovely to hear.. Glad it's not only offered in Oxford Trust.. I'll ask about it and hope for the best! Wish you and your family all the best and wish your Dad speed recovery xxx

Rgsable in reply to Heartgal151

Thank you that's amazing xx

I’m going through similar situation with my mom and I’m heartbroken because I can’t be there with her. How did you deal with it? My family and I have been praying for a Miracle it’s so hard.

Incredible news Heartgal! So pleased for you and your Dad. We’ve had some minor improvement after another period of deterioration and shed loads of antibiotics, but 3 weeks on, it remains a very bumpy ride and my mind is just shattered from it all. I’m an emotional wreck.

Anyways, thanks for posting.

Thank you for sharing this Miracle of yours it does give me lots of hope for my mom’s recovery. I thought I was the only one going through this. Your story has filled me with hope and faith. God bless you and your family.

Brilliant news so happy for you.

My father us still critical in a coma no improvement and hasnt got worse he is stable.

He on Azithromycin from trial medication hope it works.

Wow that’s fantastic! I am sincerely very happy for you and your family, and super glad you give the front line workers the credit they are so deserving of-don’t forget to tell them. Here in the states we’ve got a bunch of nurses sleeping in their CARS at hospital parking lots cuz they’re afraid of getting their families sick but want to take care of the sick who need them! They are awesome👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼-they’ve got all my respect glad they got yours too. Stay safe take care of your dad and YOU✌🏼


Such the most beautiful, wonderful news....wooooo-hooooo 🙏🏻👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏻👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🎺🎷🎈💯🔝 xxxxxxxxxxxx

Absolutely amazing!! So pleased for you all. xxx

Hi they did a catscan on my moms brain today and they said she’s bleeding in the brain. 😞 I’m waiting on God’s Miracle to heal her and allow her to come home. She still hasn’t woken up. I feel so powerless and I wish I could be there holding her hand through all of this. My heart hurts and I can’t stop thinking or crying constantly.

Mguzman1 in reply to Mguzman1

You’re the reason and because of you I found this site it gave me a little hope. Thank you

Heartgal151 in reply to Mguzman1

I’m so sorry to hear this :( but read all the amazing stories of recovery and don’t give up hope. She needs you to be strong!

Hoping and praying for her recovery xxx

I am so happy to hear this. It is a Roller Coaster. I pray for a miracle for my boyfriend and everyone going through this. I am so glad your Dad got one!!

Aw so happy for you Heartgal, amazing news and gives us all hope for our loved ones xx

Hi do you mind me asking how your dad is now, and what was the recovery journey like please ? My husband is now awake but he is so distant and angry, he has been awake for 3 days now .

Heartgal151 in reply to Ferham

Very very slow recovery. Can’t walk, can’t swallow. Lots of delirium and anger as he thinks we aren’t coming to help him and he’s being held there against his will. He has a hold of his mobile now so texting and stuff but mostly angry and upset stuff unfortunately. Xx

Ferham in reply to Heartgal151

Hopefully he will get there very soon, it's certainly a slow process for many of us. I just wished we could go in and talk and sit with them , it would help so much more .

My fathers lungs just dont want to work, his oxygen level increases to 60% and there seems to be another infection

Omg, that’s so awesome. My mother’s been in the ICU with the same condition and wasn’t waking up but they did find multiple mini strokes in her drain, I hope they aren’t affecting her too severely. She’s opened her eyes a few types and the doctor said she moved her legs today. They aren’t considered signs of waking because no neurological response. I really hope she wakes up soon, if not this week they will do a tracheostomy in order for her to breathe because the vent can cause fungus in the lungs. if she was awake she wouldn’t need the vent at all. I can’t bear it if she doesn't recover, i pray she wakes up soon. I’m so happy about the news on your dad and I hope he recovers fully soon.

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