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COVID 19, More than a month In ventilator with unconscious


My Father had high fever n it leads to pneumonia. On June 5th Covid has confirmed n hospitalised. The next day he had cardiac arrest n shifted to ventilator. Still treatment going on ; They tested CT&MRI scan and by God grace there was nothing to worry in the reports. But he had high creatinine level (600) , now dialysis is continuing and it become 300.

Now the problem is after removing sedation he opened his eyes 7 days later but still now he is not become alert/ conscious . It is near 4 weeks in ventilator so they are planning to do tracheostomy. How many days it takes to become conscious? Dr saying he is stable but I am much worried.

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Hi, read through some of the stories on here, you will see it is taking weeks for several covid patients to come round after sedation, I know it easy for me to say, but the good news the MRI & CT scans have come back clear. Just give him time , the fact they are looking to do a tracheotomy, is also a positive sign in his recovery .

Itzmehere in reply to Ferham

Thnq for ur reply .Feeling a bit relieved

Welcome to this forum @Itzmehere

It would appear that some Covid patients take a long time to regain proper consciousness after sedation. As @Fenham has said, if you scroll back through the last 20/30 posts - many ask the same question as you.

Take comfort from the facts that what you experiencing is fairly common.

I didnt have Covid but I took 11 days to wake from a 57 day coma.

Critical care has many peaks & troughs - Trachy is a good sign 😊

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Thnq for ur reply. I read those posts ,now am feeling a bit relieved

I echo many of the replies already given and if you trawl through my posts, you’ll see I’ve been through what you’re going through and it is absolutely horrific.

Each day felt like a week and each week like a month. All I can say is hang in there and stay positive.

Prayers and good vibes for your loved one and your family.🙏🏾💜

Itzmehere in reply to DrARDS

Thnq for ur reply. All of ur comments are really valuable for me.

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