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Update: Dad covid with Tracheostomy


5 days since trach been in place, still very sleepy but still lowering the sedation, but overnight his breathing was fast.

Not sure reason Why?

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I’m afraid I can’t help you, how has he been today?

avnipiro in reply to Sepsur

Been stable video called this evening but he was not able to open his eyes still very sleepy

Where it happened? Are they doing Trachestomy for CoVID patients. Here in Canada they are not performing

lonleyhelpless in reply to Avaco

Hey, it's pretty much a standard procedure for Covid patients here in the UK. They do trach when they trying to wean the patients off the ventilator.. what do doctors do for patients in Canada ?

Avaco in reply to lonleyhelpless

Here they are discussing with ENT specialist to retest the patient first for COVID if it came negative then they think for the procedure

Dr didn’t get back to us so we are assuming ENT refuse to perform the trach test.

It’s very hard to see Mom going tube inside the mouth 24/7 from last 31 days

My heart is bleeding/ sad

How long it take your dad to come out from sedation effect?

avnipiro in reply to Avaco

hope she has a speedy recovery, this virus is horrible

lonleyhelpless in reply to Avaco

It's taking very long time to be honest but everytime they have to sedate him again.. there are so many encouraging posts in this forum and from what I've read its taking Covid patients very long time to gain full consciousness.. I really hope your mum get well very soon xx

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