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My Father has septoc shock and is going to die!


My dad who is 82 years old, has been in hospital for around two week now with

Septic shock brought on from pneumonia. He started acting strange and fell over twice at home and i called a ambulance which took two hours to get to his home. He was not put into ICU until last Friday the 20th, doctor called me saying there is no hope for him and that all his organs are felling him and he has a bad heart and we need to plan for him on a comforable way for him to die! I did want to hear any of this of course and refuse meeting with them face to face and only talk to them on the phone as i wanted to have some control of this awful nightmare! Anyway my father is now step down ward told he was doing better yesterday but now he is bad again. Please can anyone help me with any advice as i am so heartbroken at the moment

i went to see my Father today and he is no long on any machines or fluids, and he has finished his last course of antibiotics today. They cant feed him and he cant take water because of his system being so mucked up, so it like to me they are now just starving him to death! I'm so mad they took out of ICU on christmas eve and without the family say so. My heart is breaking at the moment and i dont think there is anything i can do...please help me if you can, im at the end of my rope

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It's very hard watching a Dad or Mum so ill and having to accept that they may die. Sometimes it is better for someone to be free of monitors and tubes so they are comfortable. This may be in the best interest for your Dad but I understand that from your point of view you want them to do anything to keep him alive. Ask the Nurses to explain what is unfolding. Seek support from friends and family. I know it is especially hard over Xmas

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