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Hi all. My first post on here.

My dad is currently in icu after an op to remove part of his lung. I wont share all the details between then and now. My question is has anyone successfully transfered a loved one from icu at one hosp to icu in another? He has a tracheotomy and is on anti anxiety meds. Hes been conscious for a wk now and is becoming more and more agitated and stressed. He has no visitors where he is so he is completely isolated. He cant talk or move his hand so he cannot communicate at all. He lives near the hosp he is currently in but all of his family and support are 3-4hrs away. I asked about moving hosp and I basically got told thats not going to happen. We can only visit once a wk at most and i cant stand it! He is not getting any better and today he managed to pull out the main line in his hand, his feeding tube and the tracheotomy! I know that having visitors regularly would benefit him and im worried for his mental health. Any advice? Thanks.

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  • Hope everything goes ok

  • I sorry to hear this how awful for you all and your dad. Have you tried talking to the OT or care team at the hospital ? Failing that maybe Citizens advice . Good luck

  • I've found this, go to section 12

    It talks about treatment that meets the patients needs. Surely your dads needs are being closer to family , this is an important part of his care, well being and mental health to be able to cope with the situation he's in . There are guidelines under CQC that all health services must adhere to. They have a duty of care to your dad and he has patients rights , however I am not knowledgeable on what rights you have to hospital transfer but it's just a starting point for you. He's entitle to choice and dignity and he's abviously not coping well without his families support .

  • Hi thanks for your reply. Ive spoken to the nurses and said how isolated he must be and im worried for his mental health. They told me how theyre his family in there!? Im going to speak with the consultant asap and see how that goes. Will have a read of the link. Thanks

  • That's all very nice of the nurses to think that way but as a patient I'm sure your dad would prefer to see his loved ones and have their emotional support at this time . If they couldn't medically care for him at the hospital they would transfer him and his mental state is just as important . I was in ICU last year critically ill and was transferred between hospitals for my care as I needed ECMO .

  • Visitors would definitely help, especially if he's anxious and pulling out things. You're correctly pointing out that having visitors regularly would help!

    Now, transferring from one ICU to another is definitely something that's possible and I have seen it over and over again. I'm an experienced Intensive Care Nurse.

    If they tell you that they can't transfer they are basically lying to you. It might also mean that you are still intimidated by them, you probably have to be more assertive or get outside help.

    Which country are you in, are you in the UK?

    Also, check out the following links



    What are normal visiting hours in Intensive Care?

  • Thanks. Yes in in the uk. On reason they gave was that they "doubt the consultant would agree and its to do with tying up an ambulance for the long journey".

  • It's all BS. If there is a will there is a way. Your Dad may need an ambulance or a helicopter flight. All doable with good will.

  • Hello, sorry to hear about your Dad. After a month or more of calling twice a day my wife managed to have me moved all the way from Charing Cross in London to Telford in Shropshire. Ambulance, two paramedics and a young male nurse from my ward to supervise all the feeds and tubes. 140 miles! It wasn't directly from ICU to ICU but from general spinal injury ward after 7 weeks in ICU to a specialist general ward in Telford BUT IT CAN BE DONE! God bless the NHS! Persist, keep calling until they're sick of hearing from you. (Your Dad having a home address close to his hospital is probably part of the problem, IDK.) Good luck to you and your Dad.

  • Hi Dave's daughter

    Yes I was in an induced coma for 10 days and the day I woke up the docs told me they were going to transfer me to another hospital imedeatly because they needed the bed . Apparently because I had woke up I was suddenly not as bad as this other person . They said don't worry we will sedate you and wrap you up nice and warm and you will be fine and I was . Show this to the docs .

    All the best Mick

  • Thanks for all your replies. Im going to be asking again today. I call twice a day everyday to see how he is and visit when i can but i have two small children and hes so far away. We live in Buckinghamshire and he's currently in north Lincolnshire. I wont give up though. Thanks again

  • The dr has today agreed that he does need to be transferred to be near his support system. They also agreed with the concerns re his mental health. They want him stable enough to transport which will be a few wks but its a start!

  • You have a right to move your DAd check with the insurance company they may cover the cost. Also a nurse and a Dr. should go with your dad from one hospital to the other. You pick the hospital and tell you will not take no.

  • I can relate .I think it comes down to just feeling helpless . I've gone thru some of the same things and same worries . I stressed so much I could not sleep for days . I know it's hard for you . It's hard when things are out of your control . There is trauma associated with that sort of surgery .And then he has a trache that sort of thing causes panic also .Because he feels like he is suffocating . It's like claustrophobia .The hard job for you is to talk your self down out of the trees and wait . He probably needs to recover some more before he can be moved . Things with my mother got to where they were out of my control .And she is alone here without her family . I had her at home but because of my health I had to put her in a nursing home .We visit her about 3 times a week . There was nobody else to take care of her but me and it was major for me to let go of the control of her care at home . That's when you can worry yourself to death . But the thoughts where you can't shut your mind down . It may be a long climb with your Dad . So don't wear yourself out . Because you have to stay strong everyday and for the long haul. I had to learn to shut my mind down to sleep . That are go crazy . So I talk to the Lord and do what I can .

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